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<p><b>He runs this street</b></p>
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Several 911 calls were made by residents of Bradford Court, who told police a group of men was standing in the street, and one of them had a gun.

Upon arrival at the scene, an officer saw an older man pointing toward a man standing nearby. The officer approached the man and patted him down for weapons, but he had none. When the officer asked for an ID, the man showed him a Georgia driver’s license. Another officer arrived at the scene and found another man standing in the back yard.

The two men told the officers that the older man they had seen earlier and a younger man who was with him had pointed a gun at them. One said that he and his brother had just come home and were standing at the end of the driveway, smoking.

The younger man approached and asked him for a cigarette. He responded no, that he had only a few left.The younger man then said he “ran this street” and the man had to give him a cigarette. He walked into his residence and came back with a long gun.

The man said the suspect cocked the gun with a lever at the bottom several times, then pointed it at him. He said he was still standing near the edge of his driveway and the younger man with the gun was in the front yard of a nearby house. When the man saw the gun pointed at him, he ducked and ran into his back yard.

When an officer questioned the older man, it became apparent that he was very intoxicated. He said there was no younger man with him, that he was alone the whole time. The older man said one of the men had driven by him while he stood in front of his sister’s house. He said as the man passed him, he yelled to get out of his way or he would shoot him.

He said after the man yelled at him, he parked his car, then took a “machine gun” from it. He said the man then yelled that he “would shoot everyone on the street.” No arrests were made.

• A woman discovered there was money missing from her bank account. When she asked her boyfriend about it, he told her that he had taken her credit card and made a cash withdrawal and bought cigarettes. As the woman was explaining the situation to an officer, the boyfriend spoke up and said, “I did it.”

The officer told the man to stop talking and think about what he was saying because it wasn’t helping him at that time. The man responded, “There ain’t no reason lying about it. I did it.”

The man was placed under arrest for financial transaction card fraud. The woman gave the officer three receipts, one for the cigarettes, and two receipts from a grocery for cash withdrawals.

However, one of the transactions failed because the man used the wrong PIN. The woman was given a case report number card and advised how to obtain a copy of the report. The man was transported to the Chatham County Detention Center.

• A Derenne Avenue resident told police she was receiving harassing phone calls. The woman said she had called the suspect about a civil matter over a television the two are involved in. During the conversation, the suspect said she would “kick (the victim’s) ass.”

She said the suspect repeatedly dared her to come get and get the television. The victim tried to call the suspect three more times and was advised not to call back by the suspect. A case report number card was given to the victim. Warrant, peace bond and civil court procedures were explained to her.

• An officer on routine patrol in Yamacraw observed a group of four males walking down Ann Street between Bryan and Zubby streets.

As the officer passed by the group, he heard one of them say, “We’re going to the Greyhound.” After the officer circled back around, he noticed two of the men walking between the 600 and 700 block just off Ann Street.,

Upon conducting a subject stop, one of the men was confirmed as being banned from all public housing. He was arrested for criminal trespass.