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Please Don't Call My Mom
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Officers responded to a teen club on Montgomery St. for a call about an individual smoking marijuana. Police escorted the individual out of the club, and when they got him outside he became disorderly.

He told police "I'm not going any f***ing where," and attempted to resist officers placing cuffs on him. The subject was stunned by a karate chop and then cuffed. When he refused to talk to police, they called his mom. She arrived on the scene and told police that her son was currently on probation. There were no injuries.

-- A fire was reported in a residential area during the early morning hours. Police arrived to find a line of flames stretching across the street and leading to a vehicle parked nearby, which was on fire. The officer knocked on the doors of the nearby apartments and residents were temporarily evacuated while the fire was extinguished by the Savannah Fire Department. Arson investigators were called. The owner of the vehicle stated that he had gone to bed several hours earlier, then woke up when he heard something going on outside, and then saw the vehicle in flames. He stated that someone named Sam, last name unknown, told him that some boys in the neighborhood were planning on doing something to the vehicle, although he had no further information. The vehicle was not registered and did not have insurance coverage. The owner was given a CRN card.

-- A woman called police while at a downtown bar because her ex-boyfriend had left her 38 threatening voicemails in the last three days. He said he would hurt anyone she dates, and that he would wait for her at her home. She also reported that he had been abusive in the past. The police patrolled the area around her home looking for anyone who fit the description, but saw no one. They also advised her of warrant procedures.

-- An employee of a group home was assaulted for not giving a resident an allergy pill. It took three female employees to restrain the attacker while waiting for police. The woman then became disorderly and verbally abusive to the employee, stating that she "raped her" and called her "a whore." The resident was taken to the hospital in reference to her mental health. The woman told the nurse on duty that she had been raped the night before by a male and female, although she could not give any specifics. The woman was diagnosed as bi-polar and schizophrenic. The hospital staff was also advised that the woman had a history of unstable mental health. The assaulted employee stated that the woman reports she's been raped fairly often. SVU detectives were notified.

-- While on patrol, an officer saw two white males fighting on the corner of Congress and Barnard Streets. The two men threw punches at each other until a female got between them and tried to break it up. She was struck by a flying fist and dropped to the ground. The fight continued as officers approached. Both men were arrested for a combination of public intoxication and affray. EMS treated them both on the scene. The woman who tried to break it up stated the fight began because her boyfriend, one of the two men under arrest, was drunk and accidentally bumped into the other guy.

-- A woman went to a fast food restaurant one afternoon, paid for her food and received a $10 bill as part of her change. Eight hours later, waiting to pay for some food at another fast food restaurant on the other side of town, the $10 bill was rejected because it was a fake. The woman returned to the first fast food restaurant immediately to try and rectify the situation. The manager there told her that she would have to contact the regional manager. The police took the counterfeit bill and logged into the evidence room. A copy of the report was forwarded to detectives. There is no word on whether the woman got her food from the second restaurant, or whether the first one corrected the situation with the $10.