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Proper maintenance of the getaway vehicle is important
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An employee at a fast food restaurant was at work when they heard the drive thru window open and close. He noticed that the cash drawer was missing from the register and saw a silver car driving away. He ran outside and began yelling for police, who were across the street, having reported to an unrelated incident. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the thief refused. However, the vehicle was unable to speed off because of mechanical failure. It began travelling very slowly and smoke was pouring out from the hood. Officers followed the vehicle until it stopped and several suspects fled on foot. The driver was arrested.

-- The proprietor of a Metropolitan neighborhood church left his vehicle running to warm up while he was locking up the building for the night. He returned from his closing duties to find his SUV was missing. Police were notified. Within 30 minutes an undercover officer had spotted the vehicle and called for a marked unit to assist with a traffic stop. Before any marked units had arrived, the driver of the stolen vehicle took off at a high rate of speed and crashed into a house on Ogeechee Road. No one was hurt. During the subsequent search of the vehicle, officers discovered a stolen gun. The driver complained of injuries and was treated at Memorial hospital before being booked into CCDC.

-- A person left the Bull Street library and began walking north toward a bus stop. They were surrounded by four or five young black males, one of whom pulled out a handgun and demanded money. The reading enthusiast pulled out there wallet and handed it over, however, there was no money inside. The victim was hit in the face and then assaulted by the rest of the group. They took several items and ran off. Police were notified, and a pair of detectives - a husband and wife who were nearby having lunch together - picked up the victim and began to pursue the group. Two of them were located and arrested. The investigation is ongoing.

-- A young woman called police to say that while she was at a downtown club, she had been knocked down and her purse had been taken. Her driver's license and ATM card were in her purse. She asked an off-duty officer what to do. She was advised to get her drunk friend home, and then call police to report the item stolen. She called police and then checked her bank account online. There had been three charges made, totaling over $100 at a bar, and a $1 charge at a gas station in Sandfly. More charges began appearing while she was talking with police. The woman was given a CRN and a copy of the report was forwarded to the Financial Crimes division.

-- An off-duty officer working security was notified that a fight was going on out in the street, he and an on-duty officer arrived at the scene. They saw a man being held back from a fight. The man broke free and then punched a woman. At that point, another guy jumped in to hit the guy who hit the girl. Then the officers separated the two men who had begun to fight. Once the situation was under control, the officers were informed that the woman who had been hit had left the area.

-- Police were notified of an alarm call at a Southside business. Upon arrival, officers saw no motion at the front of the business. When they went around back, they discovered that the back door had been pried open. They searched the business and notified the owner. She responded to the scene to inventory her property. $300 in cash had been taken. Forensics was notified. The owner advised that the location had been hit twice in the past. Officers discussed potential security measures to dissuade burglaries from continuing.