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Put down the crack pipe
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While in the area of a known drug-selling area on West 61st Street, officers decided to check on an abandoned house.

The owner of the house had been arrested a week earlier due to a warrant. At that time, the owner was advised that the house was not livable because there was no electricity or water.

The man’s girlfriend also was told to leave the house. However, when officers arrived, the house was occupied by four people. An officer told a man in the house that no one was supposed to be there. The officer tried to conduct a field interview, but the man refused to give the officer any information.

At that point, the man was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and obstruction by hindering. He was placed in the back of a patrol car, then later moved to a cruiser to be taken to jail.

Once the man was moved, the back seat of the patrol car was checked and a glass pipe was found where he had been sitting. The man was then also charged with possession of a drug-related object.

• An officer was called to West Derenne Avenue in reference to a fight.

At the scene, the officer observed a man and four woman all involved in an argument and in close proximity to each other. The officer separated the five people and then spoke with them in turn.

One woman told the officer that the man and another woman had called and said they were coming over to “jump” her daughter for remarks made about someone. The two arrived and began arguing and waving their hands. The man told the officer he had come to the scene to attempt to “quash” the argument. One of the women began waving a knife and the man received a cut on the top of his right wrist.

• A security alarm at a house on Rayburn Street went off, and an officer was called to the scene to investigate.

The officer found broken glass from a back patio door and a broken window at the rear of the house. While waiting for backup, the officer saw a young man standing in the yard next door who didn’t see him because he had his back turned.

The young man turned to walk towards the officer, who identified himself and took him into custody. He told the officer he was 15 years old and was supposed to be cleaning up his back yard. The suspect said he was at home because his mother was sick. The officer checked with the mother, who confirmed his story, but added that he has been in trouble before for stealing.

The homeowner arrived and entered the house with the officer to secure the residence. The owner said nothing appeared to have been disturbed in the house.

The window glass had been broken inward and the blinds pulled out through the glass. The patio glass also had been broken, but it was a double-paned window and entry couldn’t be made. The house was placed on the forensics list for processing.

• Police were called to Memorial Hospital by a woman who told them some checks had been stolen and written against her account. The woman said she was contacted by her bank about five suspicious checks that had come in for payment. The checks were written to three different grocery stores. The woman said she had recently moved to a new address. She said she shredded her checks and has not used them since moving. She said she didn’t know how anyone could forge her checks. She was given a case report number card.

• A Bona Bella Avenue resident told police her son-in-law had deposited a check that belonged to her daughter, who is serving in Iraq.

The woman said she was granted power of attorney over her daughter’s assets while she is overseas. She said her daughter had filed for divorce before leaving for Iraq.

The woman said her son-in-law had filed for bankruptcy and that his case included her daughter. She said the suspect had one of the creditors garnish her daughter’s wages. The woman said she had gone to an attorney before the wages were garnished to have her daughter taken off the bankruptcy, but the attorney didn’t complete the necessary paperwork in time to avoid the garnishment. She said she spoke with the bankruptcy court’s trustees and was refunded the money that had been garnished.

However, the check was sent to the son-in-law’s address and he cashed it. The woman said her son-in-law was contacted about the check, but refused to turn it over.