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Returning to the scene was a crime
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Police were dispatched to a business in regard to an individual acting in a disorderly manner and running in front of traffic. Upon arrival, officers found the subject lying in the parking lot.

The woman stated that she had a few drinks and fell over while walking on the property. The officer offered the woman a ride home, but she refused. He told her she needed to leave the property and not return that day. She said she understood and walked away. Almost two hours later, police received another call from the same location about a person refusing to leave the property. The officer found the same woman trying to hide in the store. She smelled strongly of alcohol and her eyes were red. She was unable to stand up without assistance. She was charged with trespassing and public drunkenness.

• A man walked into a drugstore and according to the clerk was acting very suspiciously. The clerk left the register area for a moment and when she returned, she found the man holding a basket and loading it with cartons of cigarettes. She attempted to ask the man what he was doing, and he fled on foot in an unknown direction. She called the police and told them the store has a surveillance camera, which recorded the incident. She was unsure at the time, but believes that the man stole six cartons of Newports. She was given a CRN and advised on warrant procedures.

• A woman called police to report that three females came to her residence and made verbal threats. The witness advised that she had to bring the complainant inside the house when one subject named “Jazzy” said she was “strapped” and was going to get the complainant. Neither “Jazzy” nor her accomplice “Precious” were actually seen with a weapon. There had been issues with the suspects in the past.

• Police responded to an armed robbery call at a liquor store on the day before Thanksgiving. A suspect in his early 20s with a high pitched voice and nervous demeanor entered the store around 10 p.m. and pulled a black .38 caliber pistol on the clerk. He demanded money and she complied, giving him about $150 worth of small bills from the register. Another clerk witnessed the whole thing take place. The store was robbed last month, and they suspect it was the same culprit. The store has video surveillance.

• Two shoplifters were caught at the Wal–Mart on E. Montgomery Crossroad. An officer arrived to fill out ban forms for the individuals. An employee stated that one of suspects may have stuck some merchandise in her bra, and the officer took the suspect to the restroom to do a search. It was discovered that she had stuffed a small bag containing a leafy green substance believed to be marijuana into her undergarment. Neither shoplifter was charged with shoplifting, but both were banned from the store. One was charged with possession of marijuana, the other was released into the custody of her mother.

• Police arrived at the scene of a burglary in progress, having been advised that someone had been shot. Upon arrival it was determined that the shooting victim had driven himself to the hospital. Someone on the scene told police that the victim had called her to say that he’d been shot. A neighbor said that she heard noises coming from next door and saw the victim exiting from the rear of the house. She asked if he was alright and he said “No, those dudes shot me.” A crime scene was established and forensics arrived. The victim was met at the hospital by a detective who would further investigate.