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Rope a dope
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A man returned home to his Cubbage Street house and found that someone had broken in through his front door, which was secured with a rope. The man said his house had been broken into in the past and he hadn’t been able to replace the door and locks, so he used the rope to tie the door shut when he left.

He said he and his girlfriend returned to the house to find that the rope wasn’t in its usual place. A step-nephew drove up and told the man, "You aren’t gonna enjoy living there."

The man now suspects his step-nephew may have been involved in the break-in. The nephew couldn’t be located to make a statement for police.

The victim checked his property and found that a hatchet was missing and someone had taken the breakers and fuses from the rear of the house. He declined further investigation by the forensics unit.


-- A Dawes Avenue resident came home to find her house had been burglarized. The woman’s laptop, about $20,000 in jewelry and her son’s Playstation and several games were gone, but the thief wasn’t successful in getting her washing machine.

The washer had been moved away from the wall and disconnected. The back door had been kicked in, and the floor was wet, indicating the washer had been moved.

The back door screen was found propped open by a brick. The woman said her sister’s ex-boyfriend might have been involved, as his family lives nearby and is able to watch her and see when she leaves home.


-- An Ogeechee Road woman who has been receiving harassing phone calls since 2000 suspects the calls are coming from her husband’s ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

She told police she had recently received two harassing calls. The first occurred at 7 p.m. and was from someone who laughed, then hung up.

The phone rang again a few minutes later. This time, the caller said, "When I see you, I’m going to kill you, when I see you by yourself, I’m going to get you."

The woman said she has had problems with the suspect in the past. She said she is afraid that something might happen to her.


-- A young man on his way to work was robbed on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard at Zubly Street.

He told police he was southbound when he noticed a man get behind him. When he crossed the intersection of MLK and Zubly, the suspect got in front of him and said, "Give me your cash."

The suspect’s right hand was inside the front pocket of his sweatshirt and the pocket was protruding as if he had a gun. The victim handed the suspect his wallet, and the suspect grabbed it, took out $40 and tossed the wallet on the ground.

He also took the victim’s lunch, which was in a plastic grocery bag, then ran from the scene, making a right at Oglethorpe Avenue. The victim went on to work and told his supervisor what had happened. The supervisor advised him to call police.


-- Someone broke a window at a 67th Street dentistry office. The staff left the building on Thursday at noon and arrived at the office Monday morning and found glass shards inside the office.

An end table with pamphlets that was under the window hadn’t been disturbed, suggesting no entry was made. The dentist told police nothing seemed to be missing from the office.

During the investigation, an officer located fingerprints on the remaining glass. The dentist said the building had been burglarized before, resulting in two broken windows.

He said he found a piece of wood consistent with a piece missing from the window frame. The wood was found next to a tire iron lying behind the building, and marks on it were consistent with the shape of the tire iron. Forensics was requested and the building was put on extra patrol.


-- A woman parked her car at Montgomery and Liberty streets to go to a nearby bar. When she returned, someone had taken the Ohio tag that was on her car and replaced it with a Georgia tag from a stolen car.

The woman returned home and called police to report the theft of her tag. The replacement tag was removed from her car and logged into the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department property room as evidence.