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Rude awakening
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An officer was dispatched to East Taylor Street in reference to a burglary in progress. Upon arrival, the officer and several patrol units made a perimeter around the residence.

The resident advised the officer that she had been woken up by a strange knocking coming from inside her residence. She got up, looked around the corner and saw an unknown white male standing in the rear patio area looking at her. She was scared, grabbed the keys to her house and vehicle and tried to go to a neighbor’s house to call the police. She could not wake up her neighbor (it was about two in the morning), so she drove to police headquarters for help. An officer followed her back to her residence. Officer entered the home and found the white male asleep on a chair. He was woken up and handcuffed. As he was escorted out, it was established that neither he nor the woman knew each other. In speaking with the sleepy intruder, the officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol. His eyes were bloodshot and he had to be held up by two officers while being escorted to the police car. He couldn’t walk on his own without falling over, and he had no recollection of how he arrived at the residence. He apparently had no intention of committing a crime, but had acted “in a manner that not usual for a law–abiding citizen.” He was arrested for prowling and public intoxication.

• A woman called police to say that someone claiming to be a representative from a shipping company called and said that her mother had won $2.5 million from “Winners International.” They claimed the money would be delivered by two US Marshals at 11:30am. The officer decided to wait around and see whether they would show up. In the meantime, they called the shipping company’s local office to see whether a package was scheduled to be delivered. They said no. The officer then attempted to contact the local US Marshals’ office, but no one was available. The person claiming that the package was about to arrive called back several times while the officer was there. The woman who called the police advised that she had sent the company $100 as a ‘processing fee’ for the prize money. The company called back and said they needed an additional $250. She did not send them any more money. She said the company had been calling for about a month. The officer said that if anyone showed up claiming to be a US Marshal or a shipping company employee, to notify police immediately.

• A man called police after he saw someone in an older model Honda Accord hit his vehicle in a parking lot. After hitting his vehicle, the driver and passenger switched places and the vehicle left the scene of the accident. While trying to leave the scene, the suspects struck a pedestrian who was trying to stop them from leaving the scene. Police issued a lookout for the vehicle, which was spotted several blocks away and stopped. Two white males, who smelled strongly of alcohol, were found inside the vehicle. They confirmed that they had just left the scene of the crime and had been involved in an accident in the parking lot. Both men were arrested and cited with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

• Officers were dispatched to a disorderly call around 3 a.m. Upon arrival, they found a man and woman talking loudly. Both subjects were intoxicated. The man said that the woman was upset because she claimed he was not paying attention to her. The woman said the man asked her spend the night with him, took her to a club and didn’t pay attention to her. She was upset and decided to go home. An officer drove her to a nearby cab company, but she realized that she didn’t have any money. The officer advised dispatch and gave her a ride home. Both parties were issued a CRN.