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Sharp answer
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A man was reportedly stabbed by his 13–year–old son after he told the boy to take the trash out. Instead of taking the trash out, the boy set it out on the porch of their Runner Road home.

When the father discovered the trash the next morning, he confronted the boy and they began arguing. The boy told police his father began shaking him, so he pulled out a steak knife and stabbed him.

The boy said he had put the steak knife in his pocket earlier that morning because he was afraid “something bad” was about to happen.

The father was taken to the hospital, where he was treated and released, and the son was charged with assault and taken to the Youth Detention Center.

• When a Mallory’s Way resident saw someone chasing and hitting her 11–year–old son, she confronted the suspect and he ran away. As he was leaving, the suspect, who is 12 and attends the same school as the victim, said “It is on” with him and all his friends to further threaten the victim.

Later, police received a call from the suspect’s mother, who told them her son said that the victim’s mother had pushed him and taken his book bag. However, the victim’s mother said the suspect dropped his book bag when he was fighting her son, and she turned the book bag over to the staff at the boys’ school.

• A Varnedoe Drive couple got into an argument after the woman asked her husband for a marriage annulment. The argument became physical when the husband began shoving his wife all over their apartment.

An officer who responded saw no physical injuries, and the husband had left the apartment before police arrived. The woman told police there is a sheriff’s warrant for her husband’s arrest, which was verified through records.

• A Tennessee Avenue resident reported that she had gotten a threatening phone call. She told an officer that she had called police the day before about her sister running away with the man she believes made the call.

The woman said the man found out she had “snitched” on the couple, and called her and said, “When I see you again, boy!” Before he could finish, she hung up the phone. After the suspect called, the woman began receiving numerous calls from unknown phone numbers.

• A man was inside an Ogeechee Road restaurant buying food for a woman. After he paid for the food and went outside, a second man began arguing with him and wanted to fight.

The man returned to the restaurant to call police. When police spoke to the woman, she said she never invited the man to eat with her and that he has threatened her in the past.

She said she had a restraining order against the man, but a record check didn’t turn up a restraining order. The man said he believes the woman has his cell phone, which she denied. The man who wanted to argue didn’t have the cell phone, either.

• An officer responded to a Montclair Boulevard address in reference to a report of threats and found a woman and her young son at the scene. The woman said the suspect had sent her son an e–mail via his MySpace web page to threaten him.

The son had written on his MySpace page that the man had broken into the home of the neighbors across the street. When the suspect saw the posting, he became angry and threatened the young man. cs

He was taken to a hospital and treated for the injury.

The son called EMS a week later to report his father was complaining of shoulder pain. EMS personnel said when they arrived, they found the man in his bed, lying in his own feces.

EMS removed the man from the bed and took him to the hospital. An officer arrived on the scene and observed feces in the bed and on the floor, as well as on clothing.

The son said his father’s home–health–care provider hasn’t been to check on his father in three days. He said his father is deaf, and has several medical conditions.

When the son was told DFCS would have to be contacted about the situation, he became agitated and told police he has a gun. A report was made to DFCS and Special Victims Unit detectives.