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She's always a woman to me
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A HALL Street resident was arrested after admitting to police that she hurt her finger while striking her fiance. Police were called to the couple’s home and found the woman standing on the porch.

When asked how she hurt her finger, she responded that she hurt it when she hit her fiance. When asked if he had hit her, the woman replied, “No, he just tried to restrain me. He would never hit me because I’m a woman.”

Although the woman said they’d never had any physical altercations in the past, the man told police that in the five years they’ve been together, their fights have gotten physical “less than a dozen times,” the last about six months ago.

He said he and his fiancee were arguing when she began throwing objects around the living room. He was hit by an iPod and the woman then became physically abusive, striking him on both sides of the face.

The man said he was unable to tell if the blows were with an open hand or a fist. He also didn’t know how many times the woman had hit him. No marks or swelling could be seen.

The couple’s three children, ages 4, 2 and 3 months, were upstairs sleeping. The woman was arrested for simple battery and taken to jail after being treated by MedStar for her injured finger.

• Two men dressed in black were seen on private property on Glen Oak Drive looking inside vehicles. The owner of one of the vehicles told police he saw the suspects in his driveway, looking inside his SUV.

The man turned on the porch light and the suspects ran away. When he went out to look at his vehicle, the man discovered that the right rear window had been shattered.

A briefcase containing miscellaneous documents was taken. Police covered the neighborhood to search for the suspects, but they weren’t found.

• An East Gate Drive resident returned home to find that his car was missing. He went in the house and saw that a rear window had been broken out.

Missing in the house were a guitar and a Blu-Ray DVD player. The man said he kept a key to his house in an unsecured laundry room and that the keys to his car were in a pair of pants that he left lying on his bed.

Forensics was called to process the house. An officer noticed that the window was broken and a good portion of the glass was still in the frame.

The man said the window opened just 4 inches because of a window stop he installed. The surrounding neighbors were questioned, but didn’t see anything unusual.

• An officer was on routine patrol on Waters Avenue when he was flagged down by the resident of an apartment building on Whitefield Avenue. The man said his wife took a peace bond out on him, but said she had been making harassing phone calls and sending harassing text messages to him.

He said his wife came to his residence earlier in the day and sent their young son to the door. When he answered the door, the son said, “My momma said, ‘Are you going to sign the damn papers?’ If not, she said she’s not leaving until you sign them.”

The man said he told his son to get back in the car with his mother. After a few minutes, she drove off.

The officer told the man he needs to document any contact his wife makes with him and to save any messages she sends. He also was advised to go to the courthouse to get a peace bond and see what legal action he could take against his wife. cs

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