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Showering suspicion
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from recent Savannah/Chatham Police incident reports

Officers responded to a burglary in progress on Mariners Way.

They found all doors and windows secured and no sign of forced entry. The officers were informed the victim had locked himself in the downstairs bathroom because he could hear someone upstairs in his house. The victim was on the phone with a witness, who called 911. There was an SUV in the driveway, but when the officers ran its tag, it came back as not being on file. The garage door was forced open so the officers could gain entry into the house.

As officers were clearing the house, they could hear the shower running upstairs. A woman was found inside, taking a shower.

She told police that she was visiting her fiancee and that she had known him for “a couple of years” and that she often visited him. However, the victim said he didn’t know the woman, although he thought she could be a member of the church where he is the pastor.

He said he heard his electric garage door open and, not knowing who it was, hid in the bathroom. He heard the suspect go into his kitchen and then go upstairs and take a shower.

The suspect’s purse and jacket were found in the kitchen on the counter. A glass of red wine was found upstairs with the suspect’s shoes and other belongings.

A bottle of red wine was found in the victim’s refrigerator that the victim said was his. The woman was arrested. Her vehicle was searched, but no garage door opener was found. A maintenance receipt for the vehicle was found, but no one answered when officers called the numbers on it.

• A Dean Forest Road resident called police and reported that she was receiving harassing phone calls from another woman regarding carpet cleaning she had provided for the suspect.

The woman said the calls were numerous and vulgar and she asked if the police would call the suspect and ask her to stop calling. She said she didn’t want to press charges.

An officer called the suspect to explain the situation and asked her to stop calling before charges were filed. The suspect stated that she didn’t care if the woman pressed charges.

The officer told the suspect to have a nice day and hung up. A report was written at the request of the victim.

• A woman walked into police headquarters and said she has been receiving harassing phone calls from a private number for more than a year.

The victim said the suspect also has been able to hack into her Internet service and phone line. She said the caller, who she knows only as “Jessica,” is in North Carolina.

The suspect has sent e-mails to other people, telling them to call the victim regarding a person who needs help. The victim was given a case report number.

• A man reported that his credit card was stolen, even though he put it in his wallet and then put the wallet in a dresser drawer. The man told police that his daughter had tried to use another credit card on the same account earlier in the day, but the charge was declined at the bank. He then contacted the bank and was told that the credit card had been used three times for nearly $800 in purchases.

The suspect tried to use the card two more times for purchases totalling $400, but the charges were denied by the bank. The man told police he believed his personal caretaker was responsible for the theft.

He said the suspect was the only person who had been in his residence on the day the credit card disappeared. Officers weren’t immediately able to locate the woman to question her.

• Police were called to the 1400 block of Maywood Avenue on a report of shots fired.

An officer spoke with a woman who said she heard a single gunshot the day before. The next day, she found a bullet hole in her wall and called police.

The projectile appeared to have entered through the north side of the residence and traveled south through the living room where it entered a wall. It exited through the bathroom wall and into the molding of another door in the bathroom.

The bullet sopped in the door molding. The officer was unable to locate it.

The woman wasn’t able to identity the person who had fired the weapon. She was given a case report number card.