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Sleeping beauty
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Metro police responded to the scene of a burglary to find the suspect sleeping peacefully at the scene.

A worker at the New Beginnings Learning Center, arrived at work at 6am and went inside, only to see a man sleeping. She quickly backed out of the center and immediately called 911.

Police responded and took the man into custody. During a search of his person, they found what is suspected to be cocaine.

Marlon Demetric Banks, 22, was arrested and charged with burglary and possession of a controlled substance. Police believe Banks also ate some of the Learning Center’s food before going to sleep.


-- He may be just three, but LeBron Collins is being treated as a hero. The tot has been credited with saving his family on the morning of April 21 when a fire broke out in his bedroom at his Southside home in Dyches Trailer Park.

LeBron woke up and saw the flames and quickly ran to wake his parents. All three escaped the fire without injury, and began putting it out with a garden hose.

By the time firefighters arrived at the scene, the fire was nearly out. They searched the mobile home, located at 10801 Middleground Rd., and learned that the fire was contained to Leon’s bedroom and an adjacent bathroom.

Although there were no injuries as a result of the fire, Southside EMS took Leon to St. Joseph’s Hospital for observation as a precaution. American Red Cross officials assisted the family with needs resulting from the fire.

Savannah Fire Chief Charles G. Middleton met with LeBron Friday morning at Fire Station No. 11 to present him with a safety certificate in honor of his quick thinking and brave response. The cause of the fire was traced to an electrical cord on a night light in LeBron's bedroom.


-- Damont Dillard, 25, a LeGrand Street resident, was arrested and charged with first degree arson in connection with a fire on Reynolds Street. The fire was set on the porch of a vacant house in the 1600 block of Reynolds Street, and spread to adjacent houses on either side.

Three people, two adults and a child, were forced to flee their home at 1606 Reynolds. Dillard has admitted that he set a telephone book on fire on the porch. The third house was also vacant.

Dillard was detained by police as he left the scene of the fire. He was taken to the Chatham County Jail. Fire investigators questioned people to see if they had information and the Red Cross came to the scene to assist the displaced family.

Firefighters were able to bring the fire under control within 15 minutes, but the house where the fire started was heavily damaged. The occupied house was moderately damaged.


-- An officer responded to a domestic disturbance at an apartment on Middleground Road, but the involved couple’s stories were so different, he wasn’t able to establish a primary aggressor.

While en route, the officer was notified that the man was driving north on Middleground Road and stopped him. The man said he was coming from the apartment and was willing to go back for questioning.

The man said he was staying with his mother, but was contacted by his ex-girlfriend, who asked him to help her with a washer and dryer she had just purchased with his money. She also needed water for their baby.

When the man arrived, he said the woman didn’t have the appliances, so he asked her why. She didn’t say anything and just walked by him.

He said he asked what was wrong and she began raising her voice and insulting him. He told her to give his money back, but she gave him just $10.

The man began screaming in the woman’s face and said she pushed him, leaving a scratch under his left eye. He said he grabbed her to restrain her and she fell to the floor, where he held her until she calmed down.

When the woman told the man she was calling police, he left the scene. She said they had been fighting previously about different issues and a physical altercation had taken place then, but she didn’t call police.

She said she hadn’t gotten the appliances because of the weather, and that the man became upset. She said he took her phone and threw it, which caused it to break in half.

She said the man grabbed her neck and pushed her backwards, which caused her to fall. She said she was holding their baby at the time, but the man got on top of her and she scratched him while trying to get him off.

The officer observed that the apartment was in disarray. The man went back to his mother’s house and was told not to return to the apartment that night to let the situation de-escalate.