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Some random craziness aka drugs are bad
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An off–duty officer working security at a River Street club was called inside by the manager about a disturbance — two young women in an altercation near the bar.

They were escorted out of the bar and told to leave. Taunting resumed and they were on the verge of fighting again when both were handcuffed and put in separate police cars. Once they calmed down, the first girl was released and walked away. The officers waited several minutes after she left before releasing the second female. As they were taking off the cuffs, the young woman complained she could not breathe, and then began to scream at the top of her lungs. Officers attempted to explain that since she could scream, she could also breathe. Once the cuffs were off, she began to crawl around on the ground, trying to dig into the asphalt, and then rolling around. At that point, she asked to be taken to jail. She then pushed herself underneath a nearby school bus. She removed her fur boots and pulled her dress above her head. The reporting officer noted she appeared to be under attack by something. When friends or police attempted to approach her she would punch or kick them. EMS was called to the scene. It took three police officers, a Sheriff’s deputy and EMS personnel to get her out from under the bus and then strapped to a gurney. While riding in the ambulance to the hospital, the girl tore her cloth restraints. Forty-five minutes later, she was still in a manic state. Her boyfriend said she hadn’t taken any drugs and had only had two drinks.

• A woman reported that her friend had been held up at gunpoint in his apartment by two females. The woman, who was translating for her friend, said the suspects came to his door to solicit sex for money. When he opened the door, they pulled a gun and pushed him into the bedroom. The females looked under the mattress and around the apartment, but couldn’t find anything of value so they left. The woman saw them head toward a nearby apartment building. She gave police their description, a lookout was placed and units responded, detaining one suspect. Moments later the second suspect was located and both were taken into custody.

• A woman reported a domestic disturbance between her 16-year-old daughter and the girl’s father. She told police her daughter called her from work and said her father had choked her. As the officers were trying to interview the woman, the father showed up and became disorderly. He was handcuffed and put in the back of the police car. As officer resumed talking with the woman it became clear she had some mental issues and could not answer questions about the incident. The officers then made contact with the daughter at her place of employment. She said her father did not choke her and her mother had mental issues.

• A cab driver arrived at an apartment in Garden City to pick up a male passenger. The man asked to be dropped off on Utah Street. When the cab got near the area, the man asked to be dropped off at his sister’s house instead so that he could get money from her to pay the cab fare. The man went around the side of the house and did not return. The cab driver called police. An officer spoke with the homeowner who lives at the residence where the man asked to be dropped off. She said that she doesn’t know the man who got dropped off and he doesn’t live with her. The cab fare was $18.55. The man left a necklace and phone charger in the cab.