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Sometimes sorry isn't enough
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An officer on patrol at 4 a.m. was advised by a passerby that there was a group of disorderly individuals in the area. The officer went to investigate and discovered the suspect walking down the middle of Broughton Street yelling and shouting.

The officer observed the man to be very unsteady on his feet, with some dried blood on his face that originated from his left nostril. The officer asked the man why he was bleeding, and the man told him that “it was called an initiation.” The officer asked again who had punched him, and he told the officer he wouldn’t understand because he was not in the military, and that he was “a punk bitch.” The man continued with a string of profanities outlining how “he was born on these fucking streets,” and that he was currently a soldier from Ft. Stewart. The officer asked the man whether he realized that he was talking with a police officer. He affirmed that he was aware of that fact. The officer asked him not to be abusive or profane any more, or he would be arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication. The suspect told the officer that if he touched him he would “need to bring a lot more people,” and advised the officer to call “the Feds.” The officer asked the man to put his hands on the patrol vehicle. The man complied, but when the officer tried to cuff his left wrist, the man tried to swing the officer around. A scuffle ensued, including the officer hip checking the man against the car and telling him to get on the ground. Once he was cuffed, EMS was called to treat the injuries the man had received from his earlier “initiation.” The suspect continued yelling  and then began to calm down. He said he had been jumped while walking down the street, then changed his story. He then apologized. He was transported to CCDC.

• A woman called police after her 10–year old son was bitten by a neighbor’s dog. The boy told officers that he and some friends were walking by when the dog started to bark and act aggressively. The dog was chained to a dog house, but when it charged at the children, it broke its chain and chased the kids. The boy was bitten on the right leg. Officers advised his mother on how to obtain a copy of the report.

• Police were called to a convenience store on the Southside in response to some found property. The woman told the officer that she found a bag of what appeared to be marijuana on the floor of the store, and there was no apparent owner to claim it. The officer took the baggie and logged it into the property room. If you are missing about 2 grams of weed, call the police, they might still have it for you.

• Police were dispatched to a call about suspected battery. The woman told the officer that the night before, she had been drinking with friends, including the suspect, and that at 11pm she and the suspect got into a verbal dispute. She said she could not remember what the fight was about, but that it had ended up outside where the suspect hit her and threw her down. The officer spoke with another witness who said that he never saw the suspect hit the complainant, but that she had charged the suspect and tried to hit him. The officer then spoke with another witness who said he had spoken with the complainant earlier that morning and that she told him she had fallen down some stairs and hit her arm on a picture frame. He also told the officer that the woman has a drinking problem and “tends to make big situations out of minor things.” The officer then spoke with the suspect who said that he hadn’t hit the woman, but had only tried to defend himself. The woman could not tell the officer why she waited more than 12 hours to call and had problems remembering details of the event.