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Standin' at the crossroads
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A man was seen on the Interstate 95 south ramp of GA 204, holding a sign that read, “Homeless Hungry God Bless.”

A police officer watched as the man approached cars that were stopped by a traffic light to ask for money. The man had been warned on previous occasions that he could be charged with a criminal act if he continued to stand in the roadway and beg for money.

When the officer pulled up to the man, the man obviously recognized him. As the officer left his vehicle, the man said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Doe, I’ll go on my way.”

The officer asked the man if he remembered being told last week not to be on the roadway begging for money. The man replied, “I do remember and if you let me go, I won’t do it again.”

The officer then asked the man if he remembered telling him last time that he wouldn’t do it again if the officer let him go on his way. The man replied, “I do remember, but I mean it this time.”

• An officer on patrol on West 41st Street noticed a young man standing between two houses. When the officer approached the man and asked to speak with him, the man attempted to hide something behind his back with his right hand.

The officer walked closer to the man and noticed he had a marijuana joint. He was told to drop the joint on the ground, and go and sit on the porch.

When the officer asked the suspect to stand so he could be searched, he refused. He told his brother to go inside and get his grandmother.

The officer “assisted” the subject off the steps onto the ground so he could be handcuffed. At first, the suspect attempted to pull away, and was put on the ground.

A small plastic bag with a green leafy substance was found in his front right pocket. The substance was field-tested and resulted positive for marijuana.

The suspect was charged with possession of marijuana less than an ounce and obstruction by hindering. He was taken to the Chatham County Detention Center and all evidence was logged into the property room.

• A West 57th Street resident called police when she found three of her tires were flat and a brick had been thrown against the rear windshield of her car. She said she heard a noise in the parking area, but her boyfriend told her not to worry about it, so she went back to sleep.

She explained that she has been having problems with her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. She said the woman had attacked her before and there are police reports written about it.

A neighbor across the street said he saw a car that resembled the suspect’s pass by her house late at night. He said someone in the car threw a brick.

• Police were called to West 40th Street on a report of shots fired. A man told officers that another man had fired at him with a flare gun. He said there is an ongoing dispute between the man and himself. He said he was standing outside his home when the suspect approached him and said, “Is that shit over?”

The man replied, “Yes,” and started to walk away. He heard something click and looked back and saw the suspect had a flare gun pointing at his face.

In an effort to protect himself, the man slapped the gun out of the suspect’s hand. The gun went off and the flare went into the bushes.

An officer went around the corner to the suspect’s apartment. When the suspect came to the door, he was placed in hand cuffs for everyone’s safety, but advised he wasn’t under arrest.

The officer asked where the gun was and the suspect said it was in his room. The flare gun was sitting on a table near the door of the room. It had one spent shell casing in it and smelled like it had recently been fired.

The suspect told the officer he and the victim were having drinks when he said he had a flare gun and was going to fire it. He said he fired it because he had never fired one before, and that he never pointed it at the victim.

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