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Stealus Interruptus
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A SALCEDO AVENUE homeowner arrived home from work early to find a strange car parked in his driveway, facing the street. The car was an older model sedan, about 15 years old, had no tag, and one door was open.

The man returned to his car. Two men ran from the direction of his backyard, jumped into the old car and drove off, striking the man’s car as they left.

The driver had a tool in his left hand that appeared to be a screwdriver and a rag in his right hand. The man started to back up his own car in an attempt to stop the suspects, but they fled the scene. A neighbor who witnessed the incident corroborated the man’s story.

• A report of a fight and shots fired was received and police responded to a 45th Street apartment. A woman at the scene told them she saw her boyfriend standing in front of the building, and went over to confront him about being there. When she approached him, a second woman came out of the apartment building, asking “Is that the bitch there?”

The boyfriend told the second woman to go back inside, but she refused to go. She started yelling at the first woman and the two started punching each other.

According to the incident report, “the fight was on.” Hair was pulled and the first woman was bitten on the right ear. EMS was called and she was treated at the scene.

The second woman said the man is her husband and “this has been going on some time.” She said her husband wouldn’t handle the situation and she was tired of it. She said when the first woman threw a punch at her, she threw one back.

A witness said she was the one to break up the fight and pull the first woman back into her apartment. The second woman said she is 3 months pregnant.

• Police were called to a Hemlock Drive apartment because of a disorderly person. When they arrived, an officer knocked on the door, but got no response.

The front door and a window at the front of the apartment were open. The officers entered the residence to check for injured people.

No one was inside the house, so they backed out of the residence, locked the door and asked Dispatch to call the complainant back. Dispatch reported that the woman was en route to the apartment to meet with police.

When she arrived, she said she had been out of town but decided to come home early. When she arrived, she found her boyfriend in bed with another woman.

She said an argument ensued but that there was no physical contact. She said that her boyfriend left the apartment with the other woman.

Some of the man’s clothes were lying on the lawn. She said she and the man had been living together for three weeks, but she wanted him out of her apartment.

The woman said she would leave the apartment and stay somewhere else for the night. An officer advised her to avoid her boyfriend until she had calmed down.

• Police were called to an office on Waters Avenue because a door at the rear of the building was open. The door had sustained a significant amount of damage from a forced entry. Large shoe prints were found on the outside of the door and on the door itself. The door frame had been ripped from its wooden supports.

Pieces of the door lock were scattered over the floor. The office has three large rooms and items were scattered throughout all three of them. Cabinets in the kitchen and dining area had been left open, as had the refrigerator and freezer.

A utility closet with various items also was left open. A learning center next door also had been searched and items were scattered on the floor there, as well. A donation box had been forced open and emptied of its contents. cs

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