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Stolen, schmolen
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AN OFF-DUTY officer was working at the Chatham County Tag Office when he was told by the staff that a woman was trying to register a stolen car.

The woman told him she was registering the car for a friend in New York. She showed the officer a power of attorney document that gave her permission to register the car for the owner. She said her friend had contacted her the week before and asked her to register the car because she was out of state.

When she went to the tag office counter, the woman was told that the car she was trying to register was stolen. She explained the situation, saying that she has never seen the car and hasn’t seen her friend in about a year.

A detective was contacted and came to the scene to interview the woman. The woman wrote a statement about the situation, and it, the registration and power of attorney were logged in as evidence.

The officer also spoke with a tag office employee, who said she had spoken by phone to the woman’s friend in New York several times about the car. She said she told the owner that the car couldn’t be registered in Georgia. According to the detective, evidence showed that the owner had originally registered the car with a fake title.

• An officer was called to Garrard Avenue because of a fight. A woman told him she was walking to the bus stop when two other women jumped her.

She said they fought for a few moments, then the two suspects fled because they thought police were coming. She said the suspects are sisters, and this isn’t the first altercation she’s had with them.

• An inmate at the Chatham County Detention Center told police someone has used her bank account and debit card without permission.

She said she has been in jail since June, and that she signed out her belongings to a friend of the family. She said the friend was supposed to deliver her purse to her mother.

Someone used the account for a four-day period. The inmate said she isn’t sure if it was her friend or someone else who used her account, but said they could have obtained her account information before turning her purse over to her mother.

The inmate said she learned of the theft when she had her mother call the bank and check her account balance. A bank employee said the account had been closed because it was $1,000 overdrawn.

Both deposits and withdrawals were made on the account during the time period in question. The inmate said she hadn’t given permission for any type of activity on her account while she was incarcerated.

• A Wilshire Boulevard couple are divorced, but still have problems regarding custody of their child.

The husband told police he was driving past their home while on the way to work when he noticed his ex-wife’s care wasn’t in the driveway. He said she apparently no longer lives at that address and called police to ask them to confirm it.

An officer told the man it is impossible to confirm that fact. The man got angry and demanded to speak to a supervisor.

Another officer responded and the man explained that his ex-wife is required by the court to provide notification of a change of address. Both officers knocked on the door and a woman answered.

When asked if the man’s ex-wife was at home, she said the woman had gone to her mother’s house for the night. She said the woman was still living at the address. cs

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