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Stupid is as stupid does
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A man was arrested for damaging the antique police cars parked outside police headquarters on Habersham Street. Shortly after 3 a.m., detectives who were working late heard the sound of glass breaking outside.

They looked out a nearby window and saw a white male kicking the vehicles. They went outside and the heavily inebriated suspect was detained. The driver’s side window was knocked out and both headlights were smashed. The vandal was from Arizona, so he may have been drunk enough to think he was just vandalizing antique cars parked on the sidewalk, not smashing cars right in front of the police station. This is probably one of the dumbest crimes of the year so far. He was charged with interfering with government property and criminal trespass before being transported to CCDC.

• Police were called in reference to an employee of a children’s store in the Oglethorpe Mall who had been caught processing fraudulent cash refunds and then taking the cash. She had done this 16 times in the past 2–3 weeks and racked up a total of $799.46 in illicit funds. The woman signed a written statement admitting to the crime. She was banned from the mall for five years, and a copy of the written statement was given to Precinct 4 detectives for followup.

• Shortly after 9 p.m. a 12–year old girl was struck by a vehicle while trying to cross the street. The girl had been walking home from the mall with two friends, ages 13 and 15, when she was hit by a northbound SUV on Hodgson Memorial. The girls were not in the crosswalk. She suffered serious, but not life–threatening injuries, and was transported to the hospital for treatment. Forensics was called to the scene.

• While on patrol near Franklin Square an officer was stopped by a man who said that another man was threatening to hurt him. Man #1 stated that Man #2 had stored some possessions at his house and that he’d then come and taken away all of his stuff without any notice. While in Franklin Square this morning, Man #2 began cursing and threatening him. Man #1 said that he was told by Man #2 that if he called the police he would kill him when he got out of jail. The officer then spoke with Man #2 who said Man #1 was upset because he moved his stuff out of his house and that they’d argued, but nothing had happened. Both men were given CRN numbers.

• Shortly after 11 a.m., an officer spotted a man fitting the description of an earlier complaint. The officer stopped and asked the man if he had any weapons. The man said he did not. The officer then asked if she could search his person. He consented. In his left coat pocket, the officer found a small glass pipe “commonly used for smoking crack cocaine.” The man was arrested for possession of drug-related paraphernalia. The man said he had just finished smoking when the officer had approached him. The crack pipe was submitted to the evidence room.

•  A woman called police shortly before 3 a.m. to report disorderly conduct and threat to injure. She told the officers that while discussing bills that needed to be paid with her daughter, the daughter’s boyfriend “Myron” interrupted the conversation and began yelling and cursing. He told the woman “I’ll beat you, you wouldn’t know what hit you.” She told him she was calling the police and he left. The woman doesn’t know his last name or his address, but she said they have ongoing issues.