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Tax crime season
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A man arrived at a police precinct to report that his income taxes had been fraudulently filed. The man stated that he and another co–worker were unfamiliar with the process for filing federal and state income tax, so he asked their manager for help.

The complainant provided a pay stub and W2 to the manager along with his social security number and and bank routing number. The manager gave him $1,000 several days later and said it was his tax return. The employee then received a letter from the IRS saying that he was being audited because of information about his children was in question. The man doesn’t have any children. He looked at the form and realized that there were children listed as dependants, and all the bank information was incorrect. The document had been ‘electronically signed’ by him, and the actual amount of the fraudulent refund was more than $8,000. He went to the store to speak with the manager, but was told by the owners that the man had gone on vacation to Africa. The business owner urged the man to go to the police.

• Police responded to a disorderly person call shortly after one o’clock in the morning. Once officers had arrived on the scene, they saw a male exit the front door of the residence and place a plastic container in the road. The man then threw a cell phone on the walk way, smashing it. Officers then spoke with the man’s girlfriend who explained that she had received a phone call from another female who explained that she was having a relationship with the cell phone smashing gentleman police had seen outside. It’s like the inverse of the Shirley Brown song “Woman to Woman”. The woman then searched her man’s cell phone and found further evidence of his infidelity. The man woke up and was immediately confronted. His girlfriend stated that he became defensive and asked for his cell phone. When she did not give it to him, he began to search the house. A small scuffle ensued when he tried to enter the children’s room, according to the girlfriend. He stated that he never hit her and only wanted to leave. He also admitted that the phone he smashed belonged to her. He was arrested and charged with criminal trespass. He was transported to CCDC without incident.

• A woman called police shortly after four in the morning to report that three dogs had come up on her porch and killed her cat. There were two pitbulls and one black wolf–like dog, which she had seen wandering around the neighborhood recently. She said they belonged to someone who lived nearby. She stated that she felt afraid to go out on her porch when the dogs were around. The officer reported that he had seen dogs fitting that description on his way to the call, and also observed the woman’s deceased cat. Animal Control was notified for a follow up.

• An officer was assisting with a traffic stop when another officer informed him that the driver had consented to have her vehicle searched. The passenger in the front seat was asked to step out of the vehicle and consented to be searched for weapons. While patting him down the officer felt what he believed to be a baggie of crack cocaine. The passenger said there was nothing in his pockets except for stuff from work. The officer found two crack rocks wrapped in plastic. The man was arrested and while being placed in the squad car he spontaneously uttered “I just forgot that was in my pocket.” The substance was field tested and results came back positive for cocaine. The evidence was turned over to the property room. He was transported to CCDC.