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That's a lot of beer
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Two men entered an Abercorn Street convenience store and shoplifted $93.92 worth of beer.

A store employee called police to report the theft. She said the two men entered the store, went over to the beer section, and removed 5 cases of Busch beer and 3 cases of Ice House beer.

The men carried the beer out of the store without paying for it. They were last seen getting into a black pickup truck and driving off.

The tag was run but came back as not being on file. A check of the area didn’t turn up any suspects or stolen property.

When asked if police could check the surveillance camera, the employee said she didn’t know how to work the system. A look-out was placed on the suspects’ vehicle along with the suspects’ descriptions.

• A passerby called 911 after seeing a man on East Bay Street exposing his genitals.

Upon arrival at the scene, an officer spoke with the woman, who said the man exposed his penis and urinated while she was leaving her car. She said the suspect was still inside the parking cave just east of City Hall.

Officers searched the area and saw the suspect, with his pants down around his ankles. He was manipulating his penis with his right hand and peeking through a window as he masturbated.

The suspect was put into handcuffs and placed in a patrol car. He refused to provide police with information, but was identified at the Chatham County Detention Center via the jail’s computer. He was charged with public indecency.

• Police were called to Waynesboro Road at Vidalia Road on a report of two different types of gun shots.

Dispatch advised that the rounds might have been fired at a residence on Waynesboro Road. An officer spoke with a woman standing in the yard of the house, who said she lived across the street and had come over to check on her daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

The woman and her husband heard three shots. They said the shots were fired into their yard and toward their son’s house.

• A tourist on a trolley tour apparently got off the trolley and left his wallet behind. A few hours later, another man asked him, “Did you get your wallet back?”

The second man said he was seated next to a man who found a wallet and gave it to the trolley conductor. The man contacted the trolley company, but the wallet wasn’t found.

The conductor said no one gave her a wallet at any time during the day. The trolley was checked by a tour company employee and by the victim.

The wallet was valued at $25. It contained $80 in cash, a Texas driver’s license and credit cards, which were immediately cancelled.

• A Quacco Road resident told police her husband had left their home a week earlier. When he returned, she said he’d been smoking crack and drinking beer.

She said he began beating on the door of their residence, so she fled to the neighbor’s house, where she waited for police. She said she was scared of her husband and wanted him to leave.

An officer contacted the man, who said he left two days earlier because he and his wife were arguing. He told the officer he was ready to return home.

The man didn’t appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Both the man and the woman said there was no physical confrontation.

The woman was told there was no way to make the man leave, so she left the house for the night.

• Several men who identified themselves as sheriff’s deputies entered a club on North Lathrop Avenue and caused a scene.

A witness said all the of the men made it very clear they were law enforcement. He said there was a confrontation between one of the deputies and a woman and man who were at the club.

A security tape of the men show them leaving the club, breaking a ceiling tile and throwing trash cans and traffic cones in the parking lot. The officer was told the men got into a pickup truck and were taken to River Street.

• A woman called police and told them she wanted her grandson taken out of her Jurgensen Avenue home.

The victim said the suspect lives with her and they were arguing about the grandson being disrespectful. She said she didn’t want anyone in her home who wasn’t living there.

Despite this, the grandson has brought other people to her house. She said when she got home from church, she tried to talk to her grandson about the problem, but he wouldn’t listen and turned his back on her.

She said she grabbed his arm to turn him around, and the argument got worse. The suspect verified his grandmother’s account, but said he didn’t want to leave. The woman was advised on proper eviction procedures.