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That's clearly not your car, ma'am
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Police approached a young woman who was leaning up against a marked police car. The officer immediately smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the woman. Her eyes were reddish and her speech was slurred. The officer asked the woman if the marked police vehicle belonged to her, but she did not respond. She was using her cell phone. The officer repeated the question several times still unable to get a response from the woman. The officer asked again, and the woman said yes. The officer asked her to get off the vehicle, but she didn't comply. The woman responded that the police car belonged to her and laughed. The officer asked her to move again, and again, she did not move. The officer grabbed hold of her left wrist and the woman attempted to flee. She was placed in handcuffs with the assistance of another officer. She was arrested for disorderly conduct.

-- While parked overnight in an approved lot off Highway 17 three police cruisers were vandalized. Around six in the morning, officers arrived to pick up the vehicles and found that they had sustained body damage and several broken windows. Police vehicles cannot be taken outside of county limits without special written permission, so officers who live outside the county often leave vehicles overnight and car pool to their homes. Detectives and forensics units were called to the scene.

-- Police were called with a report of a person with a knife. They made contact with a man who said that he had just been in an altercation with his girlfriend. When he returned home, an argument began, although he could not recall what started the argument. His girlfriend went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and began waving it around saying "you never loved me." She did not actually try to stab him. The man advised that he had taken the knife from her, but that she picked up another one, so he fled the residence to a neighbors house and called the police. The girlfriend had taken her clothes and left the scene before police arrived. No injuries were reported.

-- Police were called to the intersection of Abercorn Street and Science Drive after a report of a traffic accident with a pedestrian. A truck was travelling in the right lane of Abercorn when a middle aged white male ran across the street without using a crosswalk. The pedestrian was struck and officers found him unresponsive. The man died from his injuries. He attempted to run across eight lanes of traffic in a poorly lit area. After he was identified it was discovered that he had moved to Savannah from New York only a few weeks earlier.

-- A mother stabbed her juvenile son in the back, literally. Police arrived on the scene and talked with the mother and the son, who was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. The two gave conflicting accounts of what had happened. Police had been called to the residence on several previous occasions. The mother was arrested and taken to jail. The investigation of the incident is ongoing.

-- Police were called in regard to a burglary. Upon arrival at the scene of the crime, a woman said that the home belonged to her recently deceased father. The home had been forcibly entered and several items had been stolen including a .22 caliber pistol, a cell phone, various clothing items, a watch and a 12 pack of soda. The suspects had removed a board from the back door. The front door had been previously forced open a few days earlier, but nothing had been taken. Forensics was requested and an extra patrol was requested for the area. A neighbor who came home while police were on the scene said they had seen a group of teenage boys not far from the home earlier in the day.