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The AC thief
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A city employee told police he received a service repair call about the air conditioning at the Liberty City Center on Mills B. Lane Boulevard. When he arrived at the center, someone had opened the fence and taken all three air conditioning units.

A police officer viewed the surveillance cameras, which revealed an older man entering the fence where the units were kept. The suspect began removing the units and walked around the back side of the building to avoid the cameras.

He took all three units with him. The suspect purposely avoided the cameras by pulling his ball cap down over his face. Extra patrol was advised.

• Police were called to a Yamacraw apartment on a report of a disorderly boyfriend who was refusing to leave. When an officer arrived on the scene, he could hear a man and woman arguing.

The officer announced his presence, then entered the apartment and announced his presence again. No one answered, so the officer went upstairs.

The couple was still arguing, so the officer instructed them to go downstairs. The woman immediately went downstairs, but the man said he needed to put his shirt on. The man entered a bedroom, but came out without a shirt, raising the officer’s suspicion. When back-up arrived, the man was arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

• An officer was sent to an apartment on King George Boulevard in regard to a vehicle theft. A woman told the officer that her boyfriend dropped her off at work, saying that he was going to a new job.

The woman said her boyfriend never returned to pick her up. When she called her cell phone, which the man had borrowed, a stranger answered, saying that her boyfriend wasn’t around.

Before living with her, the man stayed at a local mission for the homeless. The woman said he was friends with a staff member there, so she tried to call him.

She said the mission staff said that the man had resigned recently, and she believes her boyfriend and the former mission employee may be en route to either Florida or New York. She said her boyfriend has an assault case pending in Savannah. A lookout was placed on the vehicle.

• A plainclothes officer was working in the area of Portland and Newcastle Streets when he saw six men standing around a car. Three of the men on the passenger’s side were standing in the street.

The officer was joined by several other officers, and identified themselves as police officers as they approached with their badges visible. Some of the men appeared very nervous, moving around and fumbling with their clothing and pockets.

The six said they were just hanging out visiting friends in the area. An officer requested consent for the men to be patted down for weapons, and all agreed.

A loaded .38 special revolver was seen directly under one of the men, next to a tire. The man said he had no knowledge of the gun or where it came from.

The gun was photographed at its original location and collected by forensics for fingerprinting. No arrests were made at the scene due to the fact that none of the officers observed who actually had possession of the gun.

All six field interviewed and photographed. A check of the gun showed it had been stolen in Chatham County.

• A Gateway Boulevard service station employee told police a man became very upset with her and called her a bitch at least two times in front of customers. She said she told him to leave the store, but he returned several times, using obscene language directed at her.

The man told police he never used obscene language towards the woman. He said he referred to her as “sweetheart” and tried to tell her she was ringing up someone else’s merchandise on his credit card.

The woman said she thinks the man should be banned from the store. She was advised to speak to her supervisor about the altercation.

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