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The alleged bucket of urine
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An officer responded to a call about a domestic disturbance and arrived to find both parties saying that there had been a fight. The man walked out of the residence with his hands up saying "I know I'm going to jail."He and the woman were both checked for injuries, and she was found to have a swollen jaw and a bloody lip. Medical attention was refused. The woman said they had been drinking for several hours, that an argument started and then the man hit her in the face several times. He then allegedly urinated into a bucket and poured it on her. However, the officer noted that her clothes were dry and there was no detectable urine scent on her person. The man then explained that the woman had bought a 30-pack of beer earlier, and each had drank about half of it. The argument started because he had supposedly been with another girl. He tried to go to sleep, saying that he had to get up for work in the morning. The woman asked rhetorically in rather crude terms whether the pair would not be engaging in sexual intercourse that evening and then "kicked him in the nuts." The man stated her kick had missed its mark because his pants were sagging below his waist. He was handcuffed, charged with battery and booked into CCDC.

-- Police were called in response to an armed robbery on East Bolton Street. A man walked out his front door to smoke a cigarette on the porch, and when he opened the door a black male was standing at the door with a silver handgun pointed at him. The suspect pushed the man back inside the residence and told him to get on the ground. He took his wallet and his cell phone. The suspect then hit the man in the forehead with the gun, and entered a nearby bedroom where he grabbed a laptop. Several other people in the apartment looked to see what the commotion was, saw the man pointing the gun down the hallway and ran out the backdoor. The suspect then fled and was last seen running west on Bolton. EMS was called for the victim who had been hit in the face. He had a large swollen spot on the middle of his forehead. Detectives and forensics were called. Two of the residents were given CRN cards.

-- Police were called by a husband whose wife had attempted suicide unsuccessfully for the second time in a week. He reported that she was highly intoxicated and had consumed an unknown quantity of prescription pills. She told police that the first attempt had not worked, so she decided to try again, telling them, "I want to die. I don't want to be here anymore." Her two young children were present during the incident. She stated that she had drank one bottle of wine and taken handfuls of Lexapro, Naproxen, Gabapentin and Levothyroxine. She was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

-- An officer on patrol spotted a man sleeping on a bench in Wright Square. The officer had previously warned the man that it was illegal to sleep in the square. When he approached him again, the man smelled strongly of alcohol. He then discovered the man had an outstanding warrant stemming from a probation violation. He was arrested and transported to CCDC.

-- While on patrol a police officer ran a tag check on a passing vehicle and it came back with no insurance and cancelled registration. The officer turned on the lights and pulled the vehicle over. The driver of the 1988 Lincoln Town Car was cited for the violations and a tow truck was called. The driver became irate, telling the officer that he "pulled him over because he was a black male driving an old car." The officer stated that he pulled him over because he was breaking the law. The driver became disorderly and was told to leave the scene. The officer provided the driver with his name, ID number and precinct in case he had any complaints.