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Officers met with the general manager and operations manager of a local mall after a bomb threat was called into the customer service booth. A woman who works in the booth told police she answered the phone and the caller said, “There’s a pipe bomb in the mall.” She said before she could respond, the caller hung up. She said he sounded like a young white male. The mall was not closed because of the incident. A case report number card was given to the mall managers.


  No suspects were identified in a recent case of arson. An officer responded to a parking lot in Yamacraw Village to find a car on fire.  The front doors of the vehicle were open and the passenger compartment was fully engulfed in flames. Two witnesses said that a woman started the fire by using a bottle of lighter fluid and matches. The woman then left the scene. A second car suffered heat damage along the passenger side due to the fire. Neither vehicle owner could be located for questioning. The Savannah Fire Department also responded to the call, including two fire investigators. Bystanders advised the officer that the owner of the burned car lived in a nearby apartment. The officer knocked at the apartment, but no one answered. A case report number card was left on the apartment door and on the second car that was damaged. The burned car was towed from the scene.


  A man who was stabbed three times in the right hand and shoulder on LaRoche Avenue refused to cooperate with officers. Police were called to the scene in reference to a woman with a knife. When the police arrived, the suspect fled the area in a car. The victim refused to give any information about the incident and did not wish to prosecute the suspect. The victim also refused medical treatment from the Medstar unit that responded. Police said the injuries were not life threatening.


  A Victory Drive convenience store employee called police to report a theft. The woman told an officer that while she was in the rear of the store making coffee, a man walked out with a case of Budweiser beer. The man headed west toward Drayton Street. No contact was made with the suspect. The estimated value of the case of beer is approximately $12.99, plus tax. The employee was given a case report number card.


  A man was charged with driving under the influence after he was stopped at West 37th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The man was stopped because he had circled the area several times. When an officer got behind the man’s vehicle, the man sped up as if to flee. The officer activated his lights and siren and the man pulled over and stopped. He told the officer he was looking for his son. A second officer began getting information to assist the man in finding his son. The man’s eyes were glazed and his speech was slurred to the point that the officer could not understand what he was saying. The man was asked if he had been drinking and he said he had not. As one officer tried to get information from the suspect, the second officer walked around his vehicle. Two cans of beer were seen in the vehicle. The suspect opened the door and the officer retrieved the cans, which were in a plastic holder and were cold to the touch. When the man was asked what happened to the other four beers, he said he gave them to a friend. Because a strong alcoholic odor was coming from the man, he was given a field sobriety test, which he failed. He was arrested. ƒç