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On Feb. 23, officers were dispatched to 40th Street and MLK Jr. Blvd. on the report of a suspicious vehicle at a business. Upon the officers’ arrival a grey Infiniti fled from the scene. Officers followed the vehicle until it reached the end of Barrington Street. The suspect, identified as Jerome Zenus Hill Jr., 25, got out of his vehicle. Hill pointed a gun at Officer Clifford Huggins and Officer James Neff. Huggins fired two shots, striking Hill at least once. Hill was transported to Memorial Health where he remains in serious but stable condition as we go to press. Inside Hill’s vehicle, officers identified a female who said Hill was sexually assaulting her. She was transported to Candler Hospital. Hill will be charged with Aggravated Sodomy and Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer upon his release from the hospital. In accordance with department policy, Huggins has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of investigations. • An officer was called to an Abercorn street pharmacy in reference to an auto theft that had just occurred. The victim told the officer that his car had been taken from him at gunpoint. He said the suspect approached him from behind as he approached his car to open the door and demanded his car keys. When the victim turned around, the suspect had a black revolver pointed at him. He said he threw the keys at the suspect and ran back into the pharmacy. The suspect got into the car and accelerated west toward Windsor Forest. He was followed by a small four-door vehicle that was occupied by three other men, who apparently were accomplices. The victim told police he had $380 cash inside the car, as well as some clothing and his driver’s license. A lookout was broadcast for the vehicle. • A woman said her son was the victim of a theft at a Montgomery Cross Road convenience store. She told police the boy had his Sony PSP in his pocket when he went in the store. He said when he left, he realized the PSP was missing. He said he recognized the man who was standing in line behind him, and said he believed the man had taken the PSP. The woman took her son to a pawn shop at White Bluff Road, and learned that the system had just been pawned by the suspect the boy had identified, so she called police. The officer checked the item and matched the serial number. Also, the boy had his nickname listed in the unit’s menu. The pawn shop owner says he must keep the item, but said he will work with the detective on the case. The woman said she was not sure she would prosecute. • An officer responded to Dean Forest Road and Morgan Industrial Boulevard in reference to a possible DUI. Another officer said he had observed a vehicle turn onto the boulevard, and stopped the vehicle when it came back out on Dean Forest Road. He said when he spoke with the driver, he detected an odor of alcohol. The officer asked the driver to step out of her vehicle. He asked where she was going and she replied, “Taking my friend home. She lives on Dean Forest Road.” The officer then asked how the woman got turned around, and she said, “I was talking with my sister on my cell phone. You can check my cell phone. I was talking to my sister.” While speaking to the woman, the officer detected the odor of alcohol. He asked how much she had to drink. “I’ve had......we were at (a bar and grill), we had dinner and I had three drinks,” she replied. The officer asked how long it had been since the woman had something to drink, and she said, “We left (the bar), well, we left (the bar) and come this way.” The officer then asked what kind of drinks the woman had, and she replied, “Crown and Seven.” He asked how big the drinks were, and she said, “Six, eight ounces. They were in plastic cups. Three of them.” The woman then agreed to submit to standardized field sobriety tests. She failed the tests and was arrested and charged with DUI.