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A man asked police to search his wife because he believed she had stolen $400 from him.

Police were called to the couple’s home twice in reference to a disorderly person. The wife called police, telling the responding officer that her husband was angry about money and was cursing in front of her children, who are minors.

She said the man began yelling and banging on the walls, cursing very loudly and saying, “That bitch took my money,” which scared the children. The man also had been acting in a disorderly fashion when the officer responded to the first call.

The man was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct for cursing in front of minors under the age of 14. The officer took him to the Chatham County Detention Center.

The man told the officer if he was in New Orleans, the police would have searched his wife and gotten his money back. The officer informed him he was in Savannah, Ga., where the police don’t do business that way.

• Two men are suspected of hitting a woman during a domestic disturbance. The woman called police after her boyfriend came to give her money he owed her and pick up his things.

The woman said they had just broken up. While he was there, the couple began arguing, and the man and his friend began hitting her in the face and head with their fists.

The woman’s roommate heard the noise and came out of his room. He saw the men hitting the woman.

The ex-boyfriend told police that the woman had attacked him and that he was defending himself. The woman had a red mark on her face.

Warrant procedures were explained and a case report card was given to the woman.

• Police were called to an apartment after a man realized $390 had been stolen from his wallet.

The man’s wife called police and told them when they arrived that the suspect was her son. The victim said he counted his money in the bathroom and sat it down, then forgot it when he left.

His stepson followed him to the bathroom, and when he left the bathroom, the money was gone. The stepson denied taking the money.

• Two residents of an Inglewood Drive house told police they left home to pick up some paperwork and came back to find they’d been robbed.

The victims told police that all doors and windows in the house were locked when they left. When they got home, they found the back door had been kicked in and items were out of place.

One of the victims told police that he stored quarters ina tool box. Someone had entered his room and taken his tool box and dumped all the quarters out, leaving it, along with another roommate’s coin container, in the hallway.

The man told police that six other people live in the house, but were not at home when the invasion occurred. The other victim told police that $300 in cash that he had hidden under his mattress was taken.

Forensics was called. The victims were given a case report number.

• Police were called to a White Bluff Road hotel in reference to a suspicious package.

The general manager advised the officer that the package was found in the hallway by a maintenance worker, who took it to the front desk and left it.

The package was a white styrofoam box that was sealed with tape and a piece of green tape that stated the package should be refrigerated instead of frozen.

The officer called a sergeant, who called a lieutenant. They responded to the scene, as did Chatham Emergency Management Services, Hazmat, EOD, Savannah Fire Department and MedStar EMS.

The lobby was evacuated and the package was removed so it could be evaluated safely.