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A man is in jail after injuring two people and breaking a police officer’s finger during an altercation. Nathan Christopher Self, 27, of Savannah, is charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, felony obstruction, and one count of battery. The incident happened around 2 a.m. March 14 when officers responded to a burglary complaint at a home in the 100 block of West 37th Street. Neighbors directed officers to the side of the home where Self was standing. As Officer Ashley Brown approached, Self attacked him, stripped away his radio, and tried to take his gun. After subduing Self, Police later learned that he “was acquainted with both assault victims and had left their home earlier after visiting.” The circumstances surrounding his return to the home are still being investigated.

• Police were called to West Oglethorpe Street in reference to a man who had been in a fight and had a head injury. When an officer arrived at the scene, the man immediately advised him that he had been trying to claim his belongings when the woman he had been living with attacked him. The officer then asked the man for his name. When he gave it, the officer recognized him as a suspect he had helped arrest in January at the same address. The man said he had been trying to move out because he was breaking up with the woman. When she came home, a verbal argument ensued. During the argument, the man shoved the woman and she broke a dinner plate over his head. The woman confirmed that the man had started the fight. The man was arrested and charged with simple battery and criminal trespass. He was taken to a hospital for stitches for the cuts, then taken to jail. The officer learned that the man is banned from public housing. At the time of his arrest in January, the woman had been advised he was on the banned list.

• A Yamacraw Village resident told police she was beaten by her boyfriend so severely she lost consciousness. The woman said she had to go to a neighbor’s house to call police because the suspect had yanked the phone cord from the wall. She said her two children were present when the attack occurred. She said the man cut up her Georgia OLN and EBT cards, three Medicaid cards and her credit card. She said he slapped her in the face on her left cheek and that he choked her with two hands while facing her. The woman said she was standing by the front door when she lost consciousness. When she woke up, she was lying down.

• Police were called to Bay Lane and Whitaker Street in response to a report of a person being hit by a backhoe. Two men from one company were working at the scene, as were two men from another company. One of the companies was doing some contract utility work for the city, while the other was locating underground utilities at that same location for another project. One of the men was operating a backhoe, another was observing and the other two men were in the hole created by the backhoe to guide the operator. One of the men in the hole was struck by the bucket. The man was not injured and was working at the scene when the officer arrived. The officer observed that the man was the only one of the four who was wearing a hard hat and reflective vest at the time of the incident. The four said there had been previous incidents and animosity between them the past. However, both sides agreed that the man who was struck may have been in the operator’s blind spot. The workers were given case report numbers.

• After seeing four youngsters jumping from an abandoned car to the hood of her car, a local woman called police. The woman said the boys were jumping on the abandoned car in a parking lot. The four-door car has three flat tires and the fourth has been removed, so that the car is sitting on its frame. The car has numerous dents and an officer observed that it looked as if had been jumped on. The woman said she saw one of the boys jump from the abandoned car to the hood of her car. The damage to the woman’s car was visible. She said she had also seen one of the boys run with a shopping card full-tilt into the door of her car. She took photographs of the damage.