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Two alert police officers ended an early morning crime spree on Wilmington Island. Officers John Nordham and Joe Toth were called to Suncrest Boulevard March 28 on a report of a stolen vehicle. They observed a car fitting the description being followed by two other cars, which quickly crossed U.S. 80 at Suncrest Boulevard. When the officers caught up with the vehicles, the one that had been reported stolen was abandoned, along with a second vehicle. Both were running with the keys still in the ignition. Inside the second car, the officers recovered property that had been reported stolen from several other auto break-ins. The third vehicle that the officers had seen then drove by them, so they stopped it and detained the driver, Dwayne Grady, 31, of Savannah. Even more stolen property was found in that car. At least three auto thefts and four other car break-ins were linked to the suspect. In all cases, the vehicles were unlocked with keys left in the ignition. In all but one of the car break-ins, the vehicles were unlocked. Another car that was reported stolen is still missing. At least two other suspects are being sought in conjunction with the case.


Police responded to West River Street on a report of a man yelling for help. After a brief search, a man was discovered clinging to a concrete support under the River Street walkway. The water was frigid and the high tide had forced the man to turn his head sideways in order to breathe. A life preserver was thrown down to the man, who was pulled to safety. The victim was shaking uncontrollably because of the low temperatures and cold water. Officers wrapped the man in a blanket and kept him as warm as possible until medical personnel arrived. The man was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The man told officers three men had pushed him in the river after they asked him for directions. It is estimated that he spent nearly an hour in the cold water. The incident is being investigation as an aggravated assault.


A man staying at an Ogeechee Road hotel called police after a man punched him. The man said he was moving his company vehicle from a parking space. He said he was honking his horn as a warning that he was backing up. A second man apparently became angry about the honking and made an obscene gesture at the driver. The driver stopped his vehicle and the second man ran up to him and punched him in the nose, which was bleeding. The driver says the suspect struck him first. When the officers spoke with the suspect, he told them the driver was "beeping his horn as if he were crazy." The suspect said the driver parked his van and ran up to him, "getting into his face." Then the driver grabbed him by his shirt and pushed him away.


While on routine patrol, two officers observed a woman walking out of Stratford Lane. They stopped and asked her where she lived and if she had any weapons on her. The woman said she had no weapons, but she would not take her hands out of her jacket pockets, not even after an officer asked her to. When the officers tried to grab her hands, the woman began to fight. In her right hand was a cigarette pack. One of the officers tried to get the pack out of her hands, and the woman hit him in the head with her hand. There was a crack pipe in the cigarette pack. The woman was arrested, but refused to give her name, social security number, date of birth or address. She was taken to jail under the name "Jane Doe" and the crack pipe was logged into the property room.


Police were dispatched to an Abercorn business on the report of a sick person. Upon arrival, an officer found a woman slumped over her steering wheel. After repeated knocking on the window, she eventually unlocked the door. The woman said she had been at a gas station on Victory Drive three hours earlier. While she was getting gas, a man pushed her up against a car and attempted to steal her purse. The man was unable to take the purse, but the woman was injured in the attack. She attempted to drive herself to a hospital, but had to stop along the way.