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A man was in his house on Greenbriar Drive, talking on the phone, when he heard glass breaking at his front door. Then he heard someone attempting to open the door. The man hung up the phone and opened the door to find two men wearing stockings over their faces. The man told police he began fighting with the men until they took off running. He said the men never entered the home so nothing was taken and the only damage was to the front door. The officer observed that the front door had been damaged. The glass had been broken out and only a few fragments remained in the frame.


--The manager of an Abercorn Street restaurant told police that a former employee had struck her in the face. The victim told police she had fired the woman earlier. She said the suspect returned to the restaurant a few minutes later and said, "I guess now that I am fired I can kick your ass!" The suspect then proceeded to strike the victim. The incident was caught on tape by security cameras. The owner of the restaurant was advised to save the tapes. The victim didn't have any signs of injury and refused treatment by EMS. She was issued a case report number card and advised of warrant procedures.


-- Police were called to Gideon Court on a report of a fight between four juvenile girls that grew to involve their mothers. According to one parent, a 14-year-old and a 7-year-old attacked her daughter, whose age was not given. She said her niece came to her daughter's defense and began to fight with the two girls. During the fight, one of the girls suffered a bloody nose. Afterward, the woman went to the other girls' mother to speak with her about the behavior of her daughters. When she arrived, the other woman became combative and wanted to fight. At that point, the first woman left and called 911.


-- Upon returning home to her Middleground Road residence, a woman discovered someone had unlocked the padlock she had placed on her sliding glass door. The woman said she had locked all the doors before she left that morning. When she checked the residence, she discovered that the DVD player was missing. The womanís neighbor reported seeing two men around the house earlier in the day. The woman was given a card with a case report number.


  -- A police officer on routine patrol observed a man sleeping in a planter on West River Street. The officer approached the man and advised him it was illegal to use public property for private use. The man stated he wasnít sleeping, but just lying down while on his way to a local shelter. The officer told the man he needed to pick up his belongings and be on his way. The man packed up and headed west on River Street. The man got halfway through the next block, then stopped at a public bench, laid down and went back to sleep. He was arrested for private use of public property and taken to jail.


-- Police were called to a Boundary Street dormitory on a report of a fight. Two men who were roommates in the dormitory had been having problems getting along for several days. That evening, they had another argument, and one of the men struck the other in the left side of the face. The victim and suspect were separated by police and taken to a security booth. The victim said he did not want to prosecute the suspect for hitting him, but said he did want the suspect moved to another room. A resident advisor made arrangements for a room change. The suspect was released to stay with relatives, but both subjects were given case report number cards and the victim was advised of warrant procedures.

-- Police were called to an apartment on Tibet Avenue after a man realized $390 had been stolen from his wallet. The man's wife called police and told them when they arrived that the suspect was her son. The victim said he counted his money in the bathroom and sat it down, then forgot it when he left. His stepson followed him to the bathroom, and when he left the bathroom, the money was gone. The stepson denied taking the money.