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  A woman was arrested and charged with theft of service when she refused to pay her bill at an Abercorn Street restaurant. Police were called to the restaurant after the incident, and were given a vehicle look-out for the woman’s car, which was last seen traveling south on Abercorn. The restaurant manager told police that one of her waitresses informed her that one of the customers walked out without paying for her bill.  The manager went outside to confront the woman about the bill. The manager said when she stopped the woman and asked her to pay her bill, the woman replied, “F*** the bill! I’m not paying! And f*** you!” The woman then got in her car and left. She was later stopped and taken into custody.

• A man was ordered to stay away from a Rivermarsh Drive property after he was seen trying to climb the fence to get into the back yard of the property. A young girl inside the house heard the doorbell ring and looked through the peephole and saw the man on the other side of the door. She tried to hide. The man rang the bell several more times and tried to peek into the door’s side window. When he got no response, he walked to the rear of the residence. The girl walked to the rear of the house, looked out and saw the man trying to climb over the fence into the back yard. He was unable to do so because he has only one arm. The suspect was located and advised to stay off the property. He was given a case report number.

• An officer was dispatched to a Derenne Avenue restaurant on a report of the theft of a wallet. The victim said she opened the restaurant and placed her purse on a storage shelf in a room behind the cash register. After the victim went to the restroom, she saw a mail carrier approaching and went to find her purse so she could send out a piece of mail she had inside it. When she found her purse, she saw that it had been unzipped and her wallet was gone. She told the officer she had $2,000 in cash, a debit card and two credit cards in the wallet. There were two employees inside the restaurant at the time. The door was left unlocked while the victim went to the restroom.

• A woman working at a warehouse called police after an unknown employee placed a suspicious letter under her office door. The letter appeared to be a possible suicide note. The woman advised that there is video surveillance of the building that is being viewed by the company’s loss-prevention officers in Atlanta to see if the person responsible was captured on tape. Detectives were called and advised of the incident. They went to the warehouse to interview the woman. The letter was placed into evidence.

• Extra patrol was placed on a McIntyre Street residence after the tenant called police about a possible burglary. The victim said she saw the suspect leaving her house with a small bag, She said she did not know what was in the bag, although the items that were missing had been in the bedroom. The suspect had been working for the woman, who had been ill, but had been fired. The woman said the suspect was not authorized to enter her bedroom, but she had seen the suspect enter and exit the bedroom shortly after she was fired.

Forensics was notified to do fingerprinting at the scene. Extra patrols were sought because the woman said she was concerned about the suspect returning to the residence, even though no threat had been made.

• Two women went to court, where a judge ordered both of them to stay away from the other. The next day, one of the women called police to report she had just received received a harassing call from the other. She said the woman had called several times before she finally answered the phone. When she answered, the other woman told her, “Bitch, go look in your mailbox.” The woman said when she went to the mailbox, she found a paper with numerous pictures and disparaging statements about her that she believes were written by the other woman.