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Police responded to a burglar alarm call at the Wheaton Street Beverage store at 1218 Wheaton St. After establishing a perimeter, officers called for the suspects to come out. Initially, they did not. Officer Dukarski of the police K9 unit released “Nick” into the business where he located the first suspect, Michael Young, 44, in a back room. The second suspect was located inside of an ice machine by “Nick.” Daryl K. Hall, 39, was taken into custody after briefly resisting.

• An officer responded to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a woman who said her boyfriend had choked her and pulled her hair. The woman said she told her 9-year-old daughter to call police for help. The officer observed the suspect acting in a very agitated manner. The officer also observed that the victim’s hair was messed up, due to being pulled. In addition, the officer noticed that several doors in the house were damaged from previous problems between the couple. The suspect said “he pushed the woman because he was mad about her putting his tax refund in her bank account.”

• A Chevis Road resident called police to report someone may have entered her residence when she was not at home. The woman said she left the door open for about 45 minutes so her daughter could get inside the house. When the daughter arrived she noticed that “the family dogs were acting strange” and that certain lights were left on that were not on before. The woman said that some doors were open inside the house that were closed before. No items were reported missing. The woman’s only complaint was a torn garbage bag that was caused by one of the dogs.

• Police were called to Rogers Street at Carolan Street in reference to a possible civil matter. An officer spoke to all persons involved at the scene. When asked for a driver’s license or any other form of identification, one woman said she did not have any identification with her. The names, birth dates, addresses and Social Security numbers provided by everyone else checked out, but not those provided by the woman who had no identification. At that point, the woman voluntarily submitted to a search of her person. An officer located a credit card in a different name than the woman gave. At that point, she advised she would take the officers to her relative’s house to verify her personal information. She pointed out an apartment on the north side of Clearview Avenue and told officers it was the apartment her relative lived in. An officer asked her for the apartment number but she gave the wrong address. The officer knocked but got no response. Finally, the woman gave officers her true name and address. It turned out she had an outstanding probation violation so she was arrested and taken to jail.

• An officer observed a man enter a property on Ferguson Avenue. The man had been banned from this property earlier because of his criminal involvement there. When the man observed the officer, he and two other man ran into a nearby residence. The officer followed, finding a man lying on a couch inside. The man told the officer that the three had run into his bedroom. All three were ordered out of the room and told to sit on the couch with the first man. The officer learned the owner was at work. As the officer was speaking with the four men, he observed the smell of burning marijuana. The men were charged with having a disorderly house.