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The 'dirty pistol'
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All cases from recent Savannah/Chatham Police Dept. incident reports

The Munchies?

Police were called to Home Run Video on East Liberty Street Aug. 14 about 12:45 a.m. on a report that two young men were breaking into the store.

Several witnesses saw the suspects try to break the plate glass door. After that failed, they smashed a window with a rock.

When police arrived, witnesses saw one of the men enter the door, then come out a short time later with two bags of property. He began running south along Bull Street.

Officers gave chase and quickly had both suspects under arrest. Police recovered three boxes of Yu-Gi-Oh cards -- a total of 115 packs, 38 Snickers candy bars and 26 packs of Skittles.

The suspects have been charged with one count each of burglary and were transported to the Chatham County Detention Center. They are Demontrell Leonard Manigo, 19, and Shawn Lamar Terrillio, 17, both of Savannah.

An employee of an Abercorn Street hotel in Midtown called police to say he had detained a trespasser.

Upon arrival, an officer located the employee in the television room with the suspect sitting against the wall. The employee said when he arrived at work, he had closed the main door to the TV room but hadn’t locked it. He said he went back through and found the man in the TV room, chanting out loud.

A side door behind a curtain had been damaged and opened. The suspect said he’d been in the TV room before, and that he had come through the main door, which he claimed was open.

He also said he doesn’t stay at the hotel, and couldn’t provide a reason for being there. The officer did observe damage to the side door latch, which appeared to have been forced open.

The suspect was taken into custody, transported to the Chatham County Detention Center and charged with criminal trespass.

An East 54th Street resident called police and said she was being threatened. She said she and her husband are separated, but said he lives in the same duplex.

The woman said that his current girlfriend has gotten her phone number and has been calling her and threatening her, but said she doesn’t have the suspect’s phone number. She said the suspect has been coming over to her apartment from next door to “keep trouble going.”

An Abercorn Street business has been receiving harassing phone calls. An employee told police she has received five calls from a man whose name she doesn’t recognize.

She said the man says he wants to purchase items and have them delivered, but he appears to just be playing on the phone. She asked the caller not to call the business again, but when he kept calling, she called police.

A man left a convenience store at East Broad and Abercorn streets after making a purchase and started home. He told police that as he walked along West 31st Street towards Price Street, a man came out from between two houses and approached him.

He said the suspect had a large black pistol that he pointed at him. The suspect demanded the victim’s money.

The man said he had about $25 on him, which he handed the suspect. The suspect then told him to “get the f--k outta here” as he fled westbound on Anderson Street Lane from Price Street.

An officer was dispatched to West 42nd Street on a report of a burglary. Two women at the scene told the officer they had been robbed.

The entry point was through a metal outer door, where the dead bolt had been forced. Jewelry was missing, and a flat-screen TV had been stolen, along with one of the women’s medications.

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