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The Great Waffle Caper
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SIX PEOPLE were charged July 3 for an armed robbery at a Gateway Boulevard Waffle House.

According to the victims, two suspects entered the restaurant on June 23, armed with semi-automatic handguns, and ordered them to open the safe. One of the victims was secured with a black zip-tie, while the other employee opened the register for the suspects, who fled the scene in a red van.

Police learned that another employee allegedly set up the robbery. Police followed up on information from the community about the get-away van.

Joseph Louis Thomas and Nicole Wagner were arrested July 2 in Effingham County on unrelated firearms charges. Officers contacted Metro when information came to light about the robbery from the suspects.

Both were charged with Party to the Crime of Armed Robbery. Police have determined that one of the firearms found in the car was one that was used in the robbery.

Three others also were arrested and charged. Jennifer Marie Wellong and Alexander Wayne Dean were charged with Party to the Crime of Armed Robbery, and James Lee Lewis was charged with Armed Robbery. Dustin Keith Broughton, who also was charged with Armed Robbery, was still being sought.

• A convicted felon who brandished two firearms was arrested July 2. Gerrod Chanc Black, 30, was arrested just after 8:30 p.m. after pointing the firearms at a 13-year-old girl.

Black and another man, Kentorio Ward, were arguing in a car in the 600 block of West 42nd Street. Ward asked Black to leave, but Black returned with two firearms and began beating on the door.

The 13-year-old girl approached Black, who pointed the guns at her. She fled and police were called.

When police arrived, Black was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. Black was on active felony probation at the time of his arrest.

• Police were called to Christ Church at 18 Abercorn St. because a man had locked himself in a restroom and was refusing to come out.

An officer spoke with the property manager, who said the suspect had been in the restroom for 30 minutes. He said the man had refused several requests to leave the premises.

Two officers went to the door and announced themselves. The suspect responded, “I’m takin’ a s--t. I’m constipated. There’s s--t on the floor. You can see for yourself.”

The officers told the property manager to unlock the door. When they went in the restroom, there was fecal matter on the floor. The suspect told them he had been bathing in the restroom.

The property manager said the suspect was not supposed to be on the premises because an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting was being held in the church The suspect told the officers they better take him to jail, because if he left, he was going to go back to the church. He was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Trespass.

• Police were called to Mohawk Street on a report of shots fired. A man told them he was sitting in his car when he heard a single shot fired nearby.

The man said he waited, then got out of his car and went inside. He said he could hear someone arguing, then saw a group of men get into a car.

An off-duty campus police officer said he too heard a gun shot. He went outside to investigate and saw several men beating another man and sprayed them with pepper spray. The suspects left the scene.

The victim told police that his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend c and several other men jumped him. He said he, too, heard a gun shot but didn’t know where it came from. He said he had washed off pepper spray, but refused medical treatment. A search was conducted of the ground but no shell casings were located.

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