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The holidays don't always bring out the best in people
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Officers arrived at the scene of a disorderly person call on Halcyon Drive after a pregnant woman advised police of an imminent fight between her boyfriend and another guy.

The reporting officer found the door to the residence open and announced “Savannah police.” A male voice invited them inside, and the officer asked him to come to the door. As police entered, there were two rooms (one in front and one to the right) that had sheets hanging across the doors. The suspect appeared at the end of the hall and threw a stick at the officer.

When asked why he threw the stick, the suspect said he didn’t throw it, but had dropped it by accident. The officer asked him how, if he’d dropped the stick from where he was standing, it was possible that the stick travelled all the way down the hall. Later, the officer found that the stick had a nail sticking out of it.

The pregnant woman was lying on the bed in the bedroom and complaining about pain. One officer went to ensure that EMS was en route. The couple told police the stick thrower had just been released from a rehab program for alcohol abuse, that he’d been drinking, and that he’d done damage to their residence. The suspect had kicked three holes in the wall.

The officer asked the man for his identification, and the suspect threw the wallet at him. The officer kicked the wallet back to him and told him to pick it up. “F*** you, I ain’t picking it up,” was the suspect’s reply. The officer attempted to place him under arrest but he resisted. Another officer drew his pepper spray and told the man to calm down. He didn’t, breaking free of one officers hold. The officer with the pepper spray used it, hitting both the suspect and the officer who had been trying to restrain him.

Back up units arrived. The situation was under control and the suspect was transported to CCDC. At the request of the woman, the suspect was formally banned from the residence.

• Police are searching for a man who shot someone after a family disturbance and arrested a woman as an accomplice. The victim of the shooting was sent to the hospital with non–life threatening injuries. He had become involved in an argument between a woman and her husband outside a residence on Wilder Drive. The wife left the scene and returned with another man who fired shots, including one that struck the victim. The woman’s husband, who was sitting in his pick up truck, backed into the car with his wife in it, pushing her vehicle more than 40 yards, in an attempt to stop the shooting. The husband picked up the victim and drove him to the hospital.

• Skeletal remains were discovered on the west side near the I–16 overpass. Two men were surveying the area for a bike path when they discovered the remains along with some tattered boots and clothes. Violent Crimes detectives responded to the scene. No identity has been determined.

• A fight at a nightclub, and a string of bad decisions, had a dangerous outcome for a local teenager. Two young men had gotten into an altercation at Uptown, and when one left the assailant followed. In the area of Duffy and Abercorn, a 16–year old opened fire at the other young man, whose older brother, age 27, returned fire. The 16–year old was transported to the hospital in critical condition. cs