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The horn blows, but...
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A Greenpoint resident told police a man pulled in her driveway and started blowing his horn.

She went out and asked the man to stop because her child was asleep. Instead, the man began cursing at her and spit in her face.

The officer contacted the man, who said the woman’s roommate had asked him to come over to see her new tattoo. He said he blew his horn to get her attention and said both women came to the door.

He said the first woman pushed the second aside and approached him yelling, cursing and “being irate.” He said he replied, “I don’t have to f--king take this.”

The man said he sped away when the woman started looking down for an object to throw at his car. He denied spitting at her.

• Police were called to Pro Mark Court on a report of a burglary.

The victim told police his ex-boyfriend had stolen financial paperwork from his residence. He said a friend was at the house at the time, and was letting his dog out for him. The man said the friend told him she went out back with the dog and when she returned, the suspect was in the house looking at the paperwork. She said the man remained in the house after she left.

The officer asked the victim why his friend left the suspect in the house and he said she thought they were still on speaking terms. He said the suspect has no legal reason to be inside his house nor was he invited in by anyone.

The victim said he received several phone calls and text messages from the suspect, one of which said, “Doesn’t it suck when you can’t find something in your own house?”

He said when he spoke to the suspect about the incident, the suspect’s new boyfriend threatened to “jump him” the next time he saw him.

• A man was seen running from the area of a fire in Titus Court.

Police were called about a structure fire there, and called the fire department, which put the fire out with little damage to the structure. The fire was contained to a curtain in a vacated apartment.

An arson investigator was called to the scene. A neighbor said she saw the man run from the area when the fire was burning. The woman’s son told her that he had seen the man try to light the curtain earlier in the day, but the fire didn’t catch.

The officer found the man and took him home. He told the officer he didn’t set the fire, but he was trying to find someone to tell them about it. The officer gave the information to the firefighters and turned the investigation over to the fire department.

•An officer was called to East Bolton Street on a report of a van on fire.

On arrival, the officer found the Savannah Fire Department was already working the blaze. A woman said that two men parked the van and got out of it and ran north, but stopped after a few steps and returned to the van. The woman said one of the suspects threw something in the van’s window. The men then again ran north as the vehicle burst into flames.

A red five-gallon gas can was found at the scene. The fire investigator was called and ordered the vehicle towed. A check revealed the van hadn’t been reported stolen.

• A Hinesville Road resident called police after she witnessed her daughter hitting her 8-year-old grandchild in the head.

The woman told police she didn’t like to see her daughter hitting her grandchild and said she hit the child too hard. She said she asked her daughter to leave, but when the daughter left, she drove away with her 5-year-old child in the car.

The daughter said she was upset because her mother is always arguing with her about how to raise her children. She said she was checking her 8-year-old for lice, but the child got verbally disrespectful and so she tapped the child’s head lightly. No injury could be seen on the child, who was smiling and playing with a dog while the officer was there.

The woman said she works two jobs and appreciates that her mother takes care of her children when they are out of school, but she feels she should be allowed to discipline the children herself. The grandmother said she didn’t think it was right for her daughter to drive away with the younger child, which is why she called police.

The children’s mother was given a warning for not having a child safety seat for her younger child. The grandmother was told how to contact DFACS if she felt her daughter needs to be investigated.