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The key to his heart
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A front desk clerk at a Fort Argyle Road hotel called police to report a disorderly person.

She said the man came to the front desk demanding a new key card for his room. She told him he would have to wait and speak with the manager in the morning, at which point the man became belligerent, so she called police.

The clerk said the suspect also made unwanted remarks to her by asking her to come to his room so he could “lick her all over.” She asked him to leave and he refused.

The suspect told the officers in a loud and boisterous manner that his key card didn’t work and the clerk was lying and never gave him his card back. One of the officers advised the suspect to calm down, then got the key card from the clerk and advised both parties he would check to see if it worked.

The suspect then claimed that the officer was taking the clerk’s side and calling him a liar. The clerk said the man had another card in his pocket, at which point the suspect took the entire contents of his pockets and threw them onto the counter and shouted, “Search me! Search me!”

The officer checked the key card, which didn’t work. The suspect again became extremely belligerent and boisterous and demanded both officers’ badge numbers, which they gave him.

The suspect began shouting and cursing. He was advised to quiet down and take his hands out of his pockets.

The man’s eyes were extremely red and glassy and he smelled strongly of alcohol and was tipsy on his feet. He also appeared to be under the influence of drugs and smelled of marijuana.

He was instructed several times to stop shouting because he was causing a disturbance in the hotel. He obstructed law enforcement officers by refusing to put his hands behind his back when instructed to do so after he was told he was under arrest.

The suspect tried to pull away from being handcuffed and was pulled to the ground by the officers. He refused to give his name or date of birth. He was arrested and charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

• A young man was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital for treatment after being shot in the leg. The victim told police that he and his friend were walking down Mohawk Street from Abercorn Street and were shot at five or six times as they reached a fork in the road. The victim said he didn’t know who shot at them, adding he didn’t have problems with anyone.

The friend said the two of them were walking at the intersection of Mohawk at Middleground Road when the shots rang out. Neither could give a make or model number of the assailant’s vehicle.

The victim’s mother was at the hospital and was very resistant to the officers as they asked her son about the incident. She kept questioning the legality of the actions of the officers on the scene, such as asking for her son’s identification and the reasons that forensics took pictures of his injuries.

The victim then became uncooperative, too. He told the officers he went from the scene of the shooting to a friend’s house, but then called for a ride to the hospital after he noticed that his knee was swelling.

• An officer was patrolling the area of Ogeechee and Cottonvale roads and noticed a man walking in a construction area.

The officer made contact and noticed a pickup truck that was running, with its doors standing open. The man said he was there looking for a job and provided his name, date of birth and a social security number, but a check turned up nothing.

A second officer arrived and asked the first officer to detain the man until the vehicle’s owner could be located. A check of the vehicle’s tag revealed a name other than that of the suspect.

The owner said he had loaned the truck to another man, and said the suspect was with that man at the time. When asked if he knew where the truck was, the owner said he didn’t. The suspect said several times he knew nothing about the truck. A dog was with the suspect at the time of the incident, and Animal Control was called to take it.

The suspect was arrested for loitering and prowling. At the detention center, the suspect was positively identified under his real name and the charge of providing false information to police was added.

The truck was turned over to its owner, who said a nail gun and bucket of nails in the truck bed weren’t his. A large set of bolt cutters was found on the ground near the truck, and all the items were logged into the property room.