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The most elaborate lie ever just to get out of going to church
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Police received a call that a 10-year-old boy had been kidnapped by two men wearing ski masks in front of a church. They threw him in the back of a four door vehicle and drove off.

The young man was eventually able to escape from his abductors by kicking and biting them. He then ran to a family friend’s house nearby where his family and police were alerted. Detectives began to investigate the incident. After a thorough investigation, it was determined to be a hoax. The alleged victim admitted to investigators that he made the whole thing up because he wanted to play with his friends and not go to church. Due to the age of the alleged victim, no charges were filed.

• An officer was dispatched to a call regarding a disorderly juvenile. He spoke with her mother who said that her daughter was sitting in the park and refusing to come home. The officer went and spoke with the girl, who refused to make eye contact. She also began spontaneously laughing several times while officer explained the safety issues she was causing. Finally, she agreed to go home. As the officer was walking back to his vehicle, he saw the girl break away from her mom and start running toward a nearby gas station. He got out of his car and told the girl not to run. She turned north, cut down a lane and then jumped a fence into an adjacent backyard. The officer followed her into a yard with a chained up dog that began barking and trying to get free. The officer grabbed her and attempted to restrain her, at which time she began to bite him and kick at his legs. Her mother showed up and told her to stop fighting back. The officer tried to handcuff her and back up was called. They got her into the rear of a patrol car, and she told them that she had taken a bunch of pills, but would not say what they were. She then began trying to kick out one of the rear windows. EMS arrived and restrained her before transporting her to the hospital for psychological evaluation. She was treated by medical staff and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The hospital assumed responsibility for her.

• A woman was visiting a friend downtown. When she was leaving, she bent over to pet her friend’s dog and the dog bit her in the forehead. She was treated at the hospital for her injuries. An officer called the pet owner, who confirmed the incident.

• Officers were dispatched to the scene of a reported fight. While responding to the call, an officer saw a vehicle matching the description of one of the suspects’ vehicles. He made a u–turn and began to follow the vehicle. As he got closer, the vehicle sped up and attempted to lose the patrol vehicle. As the vehicle turned, the officer observed that the passenger door was partially open. When the officer stopped the vehicle and made contact with the driver, he asked her whether there was anyone else in the vehicle. She said there was not, and that she was trying to get to the interstate. The officer asked again, and she repeated that no one had been in the car with her. Officers canvassed the area, looking for the other possible suspect. A resident told officers that upon coming home from work he’d found someone hiding in his backyard. The man yelled at the person to get out of his yard. The suspect made several comments about being in a fight with someone at work. The resident told officers he was unsure which way the man had run. The driver was transported to the precinct to speak with detectives.