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The stashing of the green
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An officer spotted a young man riding a bicycle at about 9:30am on a weekday. The bike rider appeared to be a juvenile, so the officer stopped him to inquire why he wasn’t in school.

The subject stopped, but while talking with the officer, kept messing with something in his pocket. The kid produced identification and was found to be 16 years old. He said his mom had pulled him out of school, and he doesn’t go anymore. The kid was still fidgeting with something in his pocket and the officer told him to stop, and asked what he was holding. The kid pulled out a cigarette and said that he was heading “to my home boy’s house and I was going to take this to him.” The officer asked the kid if he had any drugs in his pockets and he said that he did not. The officer asked if he could check his pockets and the young man agreed. The officer found a small bag of leafy green substance believed to be marijuana. The young man said “Oh man, I didn’t even know that in there...these are my brother’s pants.” The officer called the young man’s mother and made her aware of the situation. The leafy substance was tested and found to be marijuana. The suspect was transported to RYDC without incident.

• Someone called police when they saw a black pick up truck trying to drive over a barrier on Abercorn Street and then strike a fence. Officers found the truck parked at the back of a nearby parking lot. The vehicle was unlocked. It had recent damage along the front fender. Officers spotted a Hispanic male that fit the description of the driver walking through the parking lot. When the man saw the cop car he began “to walk away in a quick fashion, as if to avoid me seeing him,” the officer reported. Officers caught up with the man and asked him a few questions. As he walked toward the police vehicle, the man spontaneously said that he wasn’t involved in an accident, which struck the officer as suspicious because no mention of an accident had been made. During further questioning the man said that the truck was his, but that he had loaned it to a friend. However, he couldn’t name the friend who had borrowed it, plus he still had the keys in his pocket. He then told officers he was headed to his apartment, but gave them an incorrect address for a vacant apartment nearby. He then said he came to visit some friends, but didn’t know where they lived. During the lengthy conversation, the officer noticed the distinct smell of alcohol coming from his person. He asked him if he’d been drinking. He said he had 3, then 4, then 5, then 6 beers (the number went up every time he was asked). He said he fled the scene of the accident “because he knew he was going to get screwed.” He had another outstanding DUI case against him. He was also over the legal limit this time. He faced six related charges.

• A man called police in regard to what he felt was a rude and vindictive bus driver. When officers arrived, the complainant stated that he had gotten on the bus and was walking to his seat when the bus pulled off and he fell over. He complained that his shoulder was hurt. Several people witnessed the man falling over. The bus driver also saw him fall and asked if he was alright. She also asked whether he needed medical attention. Another witness told police that when the man got off the bus, he told the bus driver that he was “going to get her, because he didn’t like her and she was mean.” EMS took the man to the hospital.