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The state of disbelief
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A man called police from the parking lot of a fast food restaurant to report an incident. He said he was at the drive–thru when he asked for some napkins. There were no napkins in his bag.

The man said the manager became irate and told him to get out of the drive–thru. As he was attempting to do so, the manager told him to hurry up.

The driver said he was trying to hurry, and then the manager told him to pull around to the front of the building in an aggressive tone. The driver said he felt threatened and left. The officer went to the restaurant to hear that side of the story. The manager said the restaurant was out of napkins and that he tried several times to explain that to the driver. He said the driver expressed disbelief that there were no napkins and refused to move out of the drive–thru.

• A woman called police shortly after 9:30 a.m. to report a “sex offense” that had just occurred. While sitting at a table in Ellis Square, the woman was talking on her cell phone and noticed an older man staring at her. She thought he was trying to figure out how to take her purse. She continued talking on the phone. When she looked over again, he was still staring at her and had begun masturbating. She yelled at him. He took off running toward Congress Street. She chased him, but lost him a block later. An officer attempted to identify the man using surveillance footage, but the corner where the man was sitting was the only one that wasn’t covered at the time of the incident.

• An officer responded to the scene of an accident with injuries involving a man on a bicycle. The officer found a man laying in the road next to his bike. The officer asked if he’d been hit by a car and he said no, he simply fell over. He smelled of alcohol and slurred his speech. Unable to walk without assistance, the officers helped move him out of the street, away from the crowd. The officer issued a citation for driving a bike without a light. The cyclist was so tore up that the officer didn’t think the jail would take him, so they released him on subpoena. They drove him and his bike home, confirming with neighbors that he was at the right house.

• Two officers were working off–duty at a club on Bay Street when they detected the odor of marijuana. There was a black male standing in the area from where the smell originated. As the officers approached, the guy put his hand in his pocket. An officer asked him to remove his hands from his pockets and the subject hesitated. The officer conducted a pat down and felt what was consistent with a small baggy in the man’s front pocket. The officer charged him with possession of less than an ounce.

• A man was hanging out with two friends at his apartment one afternoon. When he got up to go to the bathroom, there was a knock at the door. One of his friends told him there was someone at the door, and he said to go ahead and let them in. It turned out they were two men with guns who demanded that the two guys in the living room get on the ground and empty their pockets. They stole laptops and Playstation 3 systems. None of the victims told police the same thing regarding the thieves’ haul. One of the victims could identify one of the perpetrators, but couldn’t provide any info on where they might find him. Forensics and K–9 unit were called to the scene, but the dog, whose name was Faust, was unable to track the suspects. One of the officers on the scene noted he smelled marijuana, although there was none visible.