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The wrath of woman scorned
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A woman got into a fight with her now ex-girlfriend. They were roommates until the suspect moved out after another argument.The complainant said that when she arrived at the apartment today the back door had been forced open, bleach had been poured all over the floor and her clothing, the kitchen sink and been stopped up and left running and all the food in the refrigerator had been pulled out and thrown on the floor. Earlier the same day, the suspect had apparently poured oil all over the inside of the complainant's car as well. The officer noted that he immediately smelled a strong odor of bleach, noticed bleach stains in the carpet and saw the food on the kitchen floor. The woman reported that there was also about $3,000 worth of clothes missing from the apartment. A set of muddy footprints lead from the complainant's apartment to the suspect's apartment. The officer knocked on the door, but there was no answer. The ex-girlfriend had an outstanding warrant through the Recorder's Court according to the Sheriff's website. The apartment was placed on the forensics list.

-- Police were called in regard to a fight that was about to break out involving three females and two males in someone's front yard. One of the women was reported to have a baseball bat. When officers arrived they spoke with a man and woman who said they had been involved in the incident. The woman is self-employed as a hairdresser. She was working on a client's hair until about midnight the night before. The client then asked if they could finish it in the morning. They spoke several times in the morning to arrange a time to finish the hair. The client left her a message saying she'd be there at 12:30 p.m. but the hairdresser wasn't home at the time because she was helping her sick mother with some shopping. She arrived home at 1:00 p.m. and when she pulled into the driveway the client pulled up behind her, jumped out of the car and began yelling. The woman asked the client to please lower her voice, to which she replied, "Don't tell me how to mother fuckin' talk." She then hit the car and began to grab at the door handle. At this point, the hairdresser's friend got out of the car and told her not to mess with the car. The client walked back to her car and was given a baseball bat by her mother. A male suspect in the client's car got out and began to yell at the hairdresser's male companion, telling him "Don't touch my girl," and "Don't be disrespecting her." Then the client's mom got out of the car and "bowed up." After more yelling, the suspects got back in the car and drove away. Crisis averted.

-- An Asset Protection Officer at an eastside department store stopped a woman from stealing $146.15 worth of hygiene and cosmetic products last week. The woman was walking through the hygiene section of the store, selected several items and then began to walk toward another part of the store. The Investigation Specialist contacted the officer who then engaged in surveillance of the woman. After walking through two other sections, she ducked into the toy aisle and stuffed a bunch of stuff into her purse. She then went and paid for several items, and tried to exit the store without paying for the merchandise she concealed in her bag.

-- A man showed up at a precinct to report that he and his partner had gotten into a disagreement and the suspect threatened to damage his reputation, and then said he would have someone physically harm him. The complainant said his partner had begun calling the complainant's supervisor at work and telling him things about using the company website to solicit adult activities. He stated the suspect is abusing drugs and is bi-polar. They no longer live together. He was advised of magistrate procedures and issued a CRN number.