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The wrong prescription
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Police were called to check on a young man who was attempting to sell Percocet at a south side convenience store. When an officer arrived on the scene, he found a person fitting the description and asked to speak with him.

The young man said he was waiting on his mom to pick him up. He told the officer that she should arrive “any moment.” The officer searched the area and didn’t find any narcotic. Another officer arrived and said that they had a call on another date regarding the young man at the same location, who was reported by customers for attempting to sell painkillers. The officer asked the young man why the police would be called multiple times about such a specific suspicion. He stated the people must have been lying. A K–9 unit was called. The young man changed his story and that he had talked to his mom, but he didn’t know “if she is going to pick me up or not.” The officer asked for his mom’s phone number to confirm the story. The suspect then began mumbling and said that he and his girlfriend had just gotten into a fight and he had walked over here to get away from her. The officer then asked for his girlfriend’s phone number. The K–9 unit arrived and alerted to the area where the young man was standing. He began to cry and said he’d tell officers where the drugs were. Officers searched him, but didn’t find any contraband. The young man said “I found some pills by my house, I need to buy my baby some diapers.’” He had been at the convenience store trying to sell them, but no one had bought any. The narcotics were kept at his mother’s house, hidden on the back porch, and were not Percocet, but actually Doxycycline (an anti–biotic). He was charged with loitering, prowling, possession of a non–controlled substance with intent to distribute and possession of lost or mislaid property. The pills were logged as evidence.

• An officer was called to respond to a damaged property report. A woman said she was driving down Wheaton Street one morning when she saw a young boy on the corner throwing a rock into a tree. She said the rock hit her windshield, smashing it on the driver’s side. She said she pulled over and found the young man lived near by. She and the officer spoke with the child’s baby sitter because his mom wasn’t home at the time. The boy said he was trying to knock a ball down that was stuck in the tree. He said he was sorry for busting her windshield and apologized to the driver.

• A grocery store employee called police regarding a shoplifter in custody. A woman had attempted to steal a steak and two jars of peanuts – a total value of $26.00. The employee said she saw the woman select the items and then proceed to another aisle, at which point the items were no longer in her cart. The woman paid for some other items and was about to leave when the employee asked about the steak and peanuts. The woman denied having the items and said she’d put them back. As they walked toward the meat department the woman dumped the items from her purse. She was charged with shoplifting.

• A woman called police to report terroristic threats had been made by her ex–boyfriend. She told officers that he had called her and told her, “the next time I see you I’m gonna kill you.” When officers asked for the reason for the threats, she said that he is mad that she won’t let him see his child. She was given a CRN.