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The young and the restless
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Two weeks ago, a 10–year old kid was arrested after trying to attack a police officer with a knife.

His older brother, age 19, was charged with several misdemeanors, including public drunkenness, false report of a crime and obstruction. Police had responded to a call about a stolen vehicle, made by the older brother. It turns out the car hadn’t been stolen, but had been hidden by his parents who didn’t want him to drive while highly intoxicated. While the older brother struggled with police, the younger brother approached the officer with a knife and threatened to kill him. The boys’ father tried to restrain the younger one, and was bitten in the hand. The elder brother was then tazed for attempting to hit the officer.

• In the middle of the day, officers were dispatched to the 600 block of west 42nd Street in response to a robbery. Witnesses told police they saw three people (two males and female) run out of the back door of a house carrying a laptop and a television. The female was seen going in the front door of another house nearby. Police made contact with the girl and were given permission to search the residence. Officers located the stolen property and the two other suspects. All three were questioned and gave confessions to police. One of the males was charged as an adult, the other two suspects were juveniles who were then transported to Youth Detention.

• Ninja Wheeler was arrested in Los Angeles, CA and is awaiting extradition back to Savannah, where is wanted in connection with the November 2009 murder of Steven Green. Wheeler’s accomplice was already indicted by a grand jury for murder, armed robbery and several other charges. The victim, Green, was a property manager, who Wheeler and his female accomplice met at a house under the guise of renting the property. Wheeler then shot Green, the couple emptied his pockets and fled the scene. Wheeler had been on the run since then, and US Marshals had been unable to locate him.

• An officer responded to an apartment building in response to a disorderly subject. The property manager had called police because the offender became belligerent and threatened him after being evicted. He was reported to have told the property manager, “I know who threw my stuff out and I know where you live so you better watch yourself and your stuff.” The property manager believed he would carry out the threats and seemed to be in fear for his personal safety. Police checked the area for the suspect, but were unable to locate him. The property manager was advised on warrant procedures.

• Hodge Elementary PTA President Thomasina Smith was charged last week with two counts of theft after depleting the PTA bank account by writing checks to herself. Smith admitted to taking more than $7,700 that belonged to the PTA and a fundraising business called World’s Finest Chocolate.

• Police arrested a 19–year old after he hijacked a car. The thief and a friend accepted a ride from another man, and while in the backseat, the perpetrator put a gun to the driver’s neck. The driver jumped out of the car, causing it to crash into a ditch. The car wasn’t badly enough damaged that the passengers couldn’t still drive away with it. The Neighborhood Task Force spotted the vehicle, and then caught the suspect after he attempted to flee on foot. He lost the race.