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There is no easy money
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A woman called police to report a possible flim flam. The officer who arrived on the scene spoke with the woman who said that she had applied for a job online and her potential employer had sent her a check for $3,850.
She was instructed to cash the check, deposit an amount and send the remainder back to the employer. She told the officer that she realized it was probably a scam and did not cash the check. The envelope was mailed from a woman in Stockton, California. The woman had been corresponding with a company called Roberts Filter, and she had been instructed to mail the money to a man in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All the correspondence and the check was logged into the property room.

• Officers were dispatched to an eastside Laundromat in reference to damaged property. When they arrived, the officers spoke with the business owner, who said that someone had damaged two of the dryers in the establishment. They had pried open the front to try and steal any change that might have been inside. The owner said they probably didn’t find more than 25 cents. He also reported that he wasn’t sure what time the incident had occurred. A CRN was issued.

• An officer was dispatched to reported assault around 12:45 in the morning. Upon arrival, he spoke with a man who said he had come to the location in search of his wife. He said they are having some problems, and she had come to her sister’s apartment. He said he knocked on the door and his wife’s sister answered. According to him, she opened the door and immediately punched him in the eye. The officer reported the man appeared to have some swelling around his eye. The officer spoke to the man’s sister–in–law who admitted to punching the complainant in the eye. She said that he had been banging on the door and screaming “I’m not leaving till I see her,” so she opened the door and punched him. She intervened because the man’s wife did not want to see him. The sister was placed under arrest for battery.

• A woman called police to report that she had a disagreement with her mother over some money and that her mother had hit her in the eye. The officer reported he did not see any physical marks on the complainant. The officer asked the woman whether she could get her mother on the phone so that he could speak with her about the situation. The woman handed the officer a phone and he spoke with a woman who said she was indeed the mother in question. She told the officer “there is no situation. This is my house and I am not going to be disrespected.” The officer asked the mother whether she could come to the house to share her side of the story. She said she couldn’t because she was on her way to work, but that she would call them when she was returning home. She also told the officer to tell her daughter to start packing her belongings and be ready to move out. The officer told the complainant that her mother had started the process of eviction. He told her to call the police back when her mother was home so that they could discuss everything and get both sides of the story.

• An officer responded to an animal bite call. A woman said that there was a cat nearby who looked sick and that she had tried to take it to a veterinarian. The woman said she and her husband were attempting to load the cat into an animal carrier when it scratched her on the scalp. The woman’s husband said he had also been scratched on the arm and the chest. The couple described the cat as orange and white. A copy of the report was faxed to Animal Control. The officer attempted to make contact with the owner of the cat, but to no avail.