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Tips for bad parenting
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Police received a call that an intoxicated woman was trying to leave a residence with her children in the vehicle. The caller said that he and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument and that she was intoxicated. Prior to the arrival of the police, the woman loaded up the kids and drove away. A description of the vehicle was sent out to officers, one of whom eventually found it in the Thunderbolt area. A traffic stop was conducted. The woman was immediately observed to have bloodshot, glassy eyes and an overwhelming odor of perfume. There were two small children in the back seat. The officer asked the woman to step to the rear of the vehicle. She wasn't wearing shoes. He asked her for an account of the events that had transpired at the residence. She said she got into an argument with her boyfriend and took the kids. The officer noticed the odor of alcoholic beverage, and that she was slurring her words. He asked if she had been drinking, and she replied that she hadn't. She agreed to a preliminary breath test, the results of which were a BAC of .206. The driver was placed under arrest, and the woman's boyfriend came to pick up the kids. Upon arrival at the nearest precinct, the woman asked where they were, and the officer explained where and why they were at the precinct. She replied that the officer would have to take her to jail because she wasn't going to take any tests. The officer explained that she had already consented to take the test. The woman said that she wouldn't take any tests because she hadn't been read her rights. The officer explained that he had read her rights immediately after handcuffing her. A check of the driver's information revealed that she was on active probation through the state and that she had four active suspensions on her driver's license ranging back to 2007. She was transported to CCDC.

An officer was sent to check out a reported forgery. Upon arrival at the scene, the owner of the business reported that a cashed check had been returned for stop payment. The $932 check was from the Board of Education. The suspect had tried to cash the check several days earlier. A copy was logged as evidence, along with a copy of the suspect's identification. The business owner was given a CRN and warrant information.

Family members requested police check on the well being of someone they were unable to reach by phone. Police stopped by a residence to inquire with a woman, who said that while she was talking to her sister on the phone, her husband had taken the phone and broken it. The woman said that her children were afraid of her husband and that they may have called 911. The officer asked to see the children, who appeared to be unharmed. The woman said that her husband had locked her and the kids out of the apartment, and then finally let them back in after the children persistently banged on the door. She told the officer that she did not want to go to a shelter, but that she would try to leave during the following week. Her husband was upset that his wife's family had called the police. The officer explained to the man that it was perfectly legal for concerned family members to request police check on the welfare of someone they are unable to contact.

Officers were dispatched to a reported stabbing near 45th Lane and Burroughs Street. Officers found a 27 year old male in critical condition. He was transported to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. During the process of investigating, the suspect returned to the scene of the crime and was questioned by detectives. After interviewing the suspect and several witnesses, it became clear that a verbal altercation earlier that night had turned physical. The victim later died from his injuries and the suspect was arrested and transported to CCDC.