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Tire slashing, theft and wet pants
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A man parked his sister’s car in front of his house around 3:24 a.m. and went to bed. When he awoke to find that one of the front tires had been slashed, he called police.

He told police he suspects a woman who had previously threatened to slash “one tire at a time.” This was the second tire that had been slashed in the last couple days. The man told police that the woman who he suspects believes that he and her ex–girlfriend are having relations. The man told police he knows the woman’s ex–girlfriend, but that they were together. The officer advised him of warrant procedures.

• Officers were dispatched to a burglary call. A 20–year old male had called to report that his apartment had been broken into. He showed the officer the pane of glass that had been broken out so that the back door could be opened. The young man said that the door had been locked when he left, but when he came home, it was open. The drawers in his bedroom dresser had been rummaged through, the mini–fridge was left open, the couch had been moved and the cushions all overturned. To the young man’s knowledge, the only things missing were a Nintendo DS and some loose change.

• While on routine patrol, an officer noticed a vehicle with a 2010 registration sticker. He performed a traffic stop. The driver told the officer that he realized the registration was expired, but said that he didn’t have the money to pay for it because of Christmas. The officer noted the scent of fresh marijuana coming from the car, and after checking the database, found that the passenger had an outstanding warrant. The officer put the passenger in the backseat of his police cruiser while he spoke with the driver. The driver consented to have the vehicle searched and said that he didn’t have any weapons. The officer found two open containers, glass bottles of Bud Light Lime under the front seat. While searching the front passenger area, the officer found the smell of marijuana to be very strong. He located a green bag that contained some marijuana and rolling papers. Then the officer found a Savannah Electric power meter in the backseat. Noting that neither of the young men worked for Georgia Power, he contacted on of the company’s investigators who requested photographs of the device. After being read his Miranda rights, the young man who was the passenger admitted that the marijuana was his, and said that they’d found the power meter at a house where they’d been doing some construction work. The officer then read Miranda rights to the driver, who confirmed that the marijuana belonged to the passenger. When he removed the passenger from the back of the cruiser, the officer found that the young man had urinated in his pants and that he’d stuffed two white pills down into the seat.  Evidence was logged into the property room and the two men were transported to CCDC.

• A man was walking from his house to the bus stop when he was robbed. He called police to report that shortly after noon, the two men stopped him and said “give it up.” One had a revolver. The man turned over his wallet. They also took his coat. One of the assailants had a green hat with furry flaps. The suspect was about 5’6” and had three tattoos. The other suspect had a red hat and was taller. Detectives and forensics arrived. While detectives were interviewing the victim, other officers discovered some of his property behind a nearby house. The items were photographed and returned to the victim.