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Too much information
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from recent Savannah/Chatham Police incident reports

A woman walked out of her house on Moray Street and saw a man on her neighbor’s porch with his genitals exposed.

The man was masturbating while looking at her and smiling. She said at that point, she told her roommate about the situation, and he came from around the rear of their residence toward the suspect.

The suspect stopped what he was doing and told the man he’d better not call police or follow him or else he would “f--k you up....f--k your whole house up.” The man was able to obtain the suspect’s tag number and relayed it to police.

Units responded to the address listed, but were unable to locate the vehicle. A case report number was given to the victim and the residence was placed on the extra patrol list.

Officers were able to contact the resident of the house where the suspect was seen masturbating. He stated that he knew the suspect only as “Buggy” and said he doesn’t know anything else about him.

• A woman told police that she saw someone stop a pickup truck at the intersection of Ogeechee and Canebrake roads and throw what appeared to be a lit firecracker out of the passenger window.

The witness said there were four males in the truck, and that one threw the firecracker towards some Hispanic males who were standing outside. After speaking with the witness, the officer was advised by dispatch that Richmond Hill police had stopped the suspect vehicle at Highway 17 and Interstate 95.

The officer made contact with the Richmond Hill police and was told that the suspects acted as if they didn’t know what the officer was talking about. However, firecracker papers were found inside the truck.

• The owner of a Montgomery Street dry cleaning shop told police that when he returned to his business, he had difficulty unlocking the front door.

He said he had to call a locksmith to the shop. The locksmith told the owner that someone had put Krazy Glue into both the upper deadbolt lock as well as a second lock. The owner told police he suspects a neighboring businessman who runs a car wash is responsible for the vandalism. He said problems began when a city inspector came by the business and said the car wash was in violation by not having a drainage system for the water being used there.

The victim said he had spoken with the car wash owner about the problem and asked him to shut the car wash down. He was given a case report number and magistrate procedures were advised.

• The owner of an Ogeechee Road business called police when she noticed that a neighboring store’s back door was open.

She said she then checked the front door and saw it wasn’t properly secured, either. Officers cleared the business and found no one inside.

The officers noticed that the cash register was unlocked and a large amount of money was left inside. The owner requested that the officers count the money, which totaled nearly $700.

The owner said the money shouldn’t have been in the register and that the register should have only about $100 in it. He said that his night-time employee was supposed to quit.

Another employee arrived at the scene at that time. He counted the money and then deposited it in the safe. He also confirmed that the amount of money in the till shouldn’t have been there and that it seemed suspicious that the money was left in the drawer and the doors were all left unlocked.

The night-time employee in question arrived on the scene with the key to the business. She said she thought that she had locked the business up before leaving for the evening.

• A Cathy Street resident told police that her daughter was taking out trash when a man attempted to run her over.

The victim said she was taking the trash to the garbage can when a car pulled into the driveway and pulled alongside her very quickly. She saw a man driving and a woman in the passenger seat.

The victim ran into her house and the man and woman left the area in the car. The victim’s mother said she and her family have had several problems with the suspects in the past.

She said the two have both been told by her and other police officers not to return to their residence. The woman was given a case report number card.