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Too much of a good thing?
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-- An officer requested assistance after stopping a subject on Montgomery Street. When backup arrived, they saw a woman standing on the side of the road yelling, "thank you Jesus, thank you for perfect peace." She then yelled, "Take me to see Paula Deen, take me to the restaurant." She tried to walk out into the street, despite oncoming traffic and was stopped. Two parking attendants stated they had seen her lying in the road earlier. An officer found a plastic bag with some of her possessions, including a new cell phone and the contract. They discovered her name, and a home address in Maryland. The woman continued with the irregular behavior and was transported to Memorial for evaluation.

-- A man was arrested after an incident of piss and run. An officer on patrol through downtown around 1:30 a.m. stopped at a traffic light and saw the man urinating on the side of a building. The suspect looked up, saw the cop and took off running down Broughton Lane toward Barnard Street. The officer caught up with him, instructed him to "stop running" and "get down on the ground." He complied and was taken into custody without incident. Go to the bathroom before you leave the bar.

-- An officer discovered a disabled vehicle sitting along the on ramp for the Talmadge Bridge. It was stopped at a very narrow portion of the roadway and could have been a hazard for other motorists. The officer discovered three people sitting in the vehicle. As he greeted the driver, the officer noticed a pungent odor of unburnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. He asked the trio why they were stopped in such a peculiar location. They said that they'd run out of gas and were waiting for the driver's girlfriend to wire them money. The officer asked the driver for his license, and he said that he didn't have one. The officer walked back to his car to call in a report and noticed several dried blood stains on the back bumper. The officer asked the driver about the blood, and he replied that he'd gotten excited after getting a girl's number, had jumped up on the bumper and gotten cut on the antenna. The car didn't have an antenna, and he had no scratches on his face. When asked if there were any weapons or drugs in the car, the driver said that there was a fake pistol under the driver's seat. He also said that the marijuana could be found in the pockets of "the white boy" in the passenger seat. After searching the passenger, the officer found 9 plastic baggies of green leafy substance. The guy said he had them in order to "make some money." He was placed under arrest. The group had been driving from Tallahassee, so the officer notified the Tallahassee police department of the incident.

-- A man called police on behalf of his sister in order to translate for her because she doesn't speak very much English. He translated for her as she explained that her neighbor, who is also Vietnamese, came into her house, pinned her down and pulled out a knife. The phone started to ring. The woman explained to her assailant that it was a call about her parents, who were dying. He let her answer the phone. It was actually her mother on the phone, who was not dying. That was just an excuse to get away. She couldn't say much to her mother, and then the assailant figured out that he had been lied to and came at her again with the knife. She yelled for help. Some neighbors came by to assist and wrestled the knife away. The assailant shouted that "he is going to killer her one day, he just doesn't know when." She explained that the man sometimes drinks too much and then becomes angry. Both the woman and her brother were given CRN cards.