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Truth is stranger than fiction, pt. 2
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Loud music got a man into trouble with the law. Just after midnight last Monday, an officer stopped a vehicle for a noise ordinance violation. When the officer approached the vehicle, he detected a strong odor of marijuana. The driver was found to be in possession of prescription pills and was arrested.

After being searched and handcuffed, the driver was placed in a patrol car, while officers waited for his vehicle to be towed. When the suspect was removed from the car, he had gotten his hands in front of him (despite them originally being cuffed behind him) and he smelled of marijuana. He had also pulled down his pants. The suspect had marijuana on his underwear, in his goatee and on his hands. The officer discovered a bag of marijuana the suspect had attempted to consume. He had some extra charges added and was transported to CCDC.

• A man had his boat stolen from in front of a residence. The complainant arrived at the precinct to report the boat missing. He told the officer that he had moved out of the house and left the boat there, planning on returning to retrieve it at a later date. When he returned to pick up the boat, it was not there. He contacted the property owner, who said he noticed the boat was missing, but assumed that the owner had come to pick it up. He had not. It’s aluminum, about 14 feet long, and has blue and yellow bass fishing stickers on the sides.

• A man received non–life threatening injuries during a shootout on East 40th Street last week. He isn’t cooperating with the police investigation of the incident, though. The 22-year-old was found lying on the ground with a handgun nearby. Glass from the smashed window of a vehicle and several shell casings were found in the street, indicating that shots had been fired at him as well. Witnesses reported that a gray pickup truck with a South Carolina license plate sped from the area after the firefight. A house nearby was hit with bullets and shotgun pellets. The victim was taken to the hospital for surgery.

• Two men went to the police station to report a possible incident involving child molestation. They said the incident involved the young daughter of one man’s girlfriend. A few days earlier, the young girl had been home alone at their apartment when a neighbor came by and asked where her mom was. The men asked the girl about the incident, but she was hesitant to talk to them about what exactly happened, so they became suspicious. They had spoken with two other men at the apartment complex who said they had seen the suspect masturbating publicly. Several hours later, police received a call about a suspicious vehicle and went to investigate. They discovered the two men who had been at the precinct earlier, and that the person who called to complain was the person they had accused earlier of potentially indecent behavior. One officer went and talked to the suspect–turned–complainant, and another officer went to talk to the girl. She told the officer that the man had come by and asked if her mom was home. He then gave her his phone number, which she found strange. She said that when she closed the door, he winked at her, and she often notices him staring at her, which makes her feel uncomfortable. The officers warned to man that he was not to have any more contact with the girl, and then told the girl and her mother to call the police if anything else happened.