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Truth is stranger than fiction
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A man called police to report a person with a knife. It was later determined to be a “threat to injure” call.
The complainant told the officer on the scene that he had been walking home through the area of Montgomery Street and 42nd Street when he saw a white male following him.

The complainant said he grabbed his knife because he feared he was going to be mugged. However, the white male turned down another street. At that point, with the knife still closed in his hand, a male prostitute dressed as a woman saw the man and told him he had a knife too. The complainant never actually saw the knife. The prostitute told the man he would cut him up, which is when the call was made to the police. Officers were unable to locate the suspect to get his side of the story.

• A woman called police to report that the family’s babysitter had confessed to stealing a couple thousand dollars from the family over the course of the last eight months. The complainant told the officer that her children had reported missing money to their parents, who then began to search the rest of the house, discovering that an envelope containing $2500 was missing from the master bedroom. The woman texted the babysitter about it, and she confessed, saying that she had been in “a bind.” The babysitter’s family contacted the complainant and said that the girl had been checked into a mental health institution for “help,” but did not identify which facility. The woman was advised of warrant procedures. She told police she wanted to press charges for theft.

• While on patrol, an officer found a man stumbling through the middle of the street and obstructing traffic. The man was “highly intoxicated.” He smelled strongly of alcohol, his pants were partially undone, and his belt was unbuckled. He could barely stand and his speech was slurred. The officer asked the man to get out of the road and get into a taxi. The man ignored the officer and began aggressively pursuing several females who were entering a nearby club. The man continued to refuse to get in a cab or buckle his pants. He was arrested for public intoxication.

• Police were called to a residence where an Alzheimer’s patient was out of control. The officer spoke with the man’s wife. She said that he had started taking some new medication that morning, and that it had caused him to become disorderly. At one point, he hit her in the head with the telephone because he could not get in touch with his mother. She advised police that he wasn’t intentionally violent and was not aware of his actions. The officer spoke with the man who was “very confused and disoriented.” The man was transported to the hospital for additional care.

• Officers were dealing with a suspicious vehicle in the area of Congress and Whitaker Streets when they noticed three people on the ground fighting. It was around three a.m. The officer ordered them to stop. One subject walked away. Two others continued to fight. The officer pulled one away, and the suspect began to flail and kick at the officer. The officer sprayed him with mace and the man stopped resisting. A second officer arrived to help escort the suspect to a nearby cruiser. A crowd formed around the scene and someone threw a beer at the police vehicle, which resulted in both officers being sprayed with beer. The beer thrower was arrested for disorderly conduct. EMS arrived to treat the guy who got sprayed with mace. Both were jailed without further incident.