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Two sides to (almost) every story
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Police were called to Southside bar in reference to a fight in progress. Upon arrival, the officers were told that the suspects had left the scene in a white Honda Civic and a green Nissan Frontier.

An employee of the bar was the one who called the cops and told officers that the victim had gotten into a fight with four Hispanic men. The bartender said he escorted the group outside to prevent any damage in the establishment. Once outside, they said the group continued to kick, punch and generally beat the victim.

Once police sirens were audible, the group fled headed in the direction of Tibet Ave. EMS responded to the scene. The victim had sustained a large laceration on his head as well as bruises and swelling. The victim declined treatment.
When asked what happened, he told police that the group began beating him for an unknown reason. He said he ran outside to try and get away. He also told officers he had been drinking heavily and had approximately ten beers. The injuries were photographed by police who eventually convinced the man he needed to go to the hospital for treatment.

Later that day, one of the responding officers was driving past the scene and saw a green Nissan pull into the parking lot of the bar. The officer spoke with the driver who said that the fight had broken out because the victim had hit one of the men in the head with a beer bottle. The driver told the officer that they had left the scene to take the man to the hospital.

• A woman called police to report a woman had threatened her son’s life. When police arrived at the scene the complainant said that the caller told her that her car had been stolen the other day and that the guy who stole it is friends with the complainant’s son. The caller said that her son shouldn’t be hanging out with the car thief because if she saw her stolen car, she was going to shoot at it. The complainant took this as a threat to her son’s life. The police went to speak with the suspected threat maker. She told officers that that the guy who stole her car hangs out with the reporting party’s son and she was advising her that her son should not be hanging out with him. She told officers she never said anything about shooting anyone and that it was the woman who reported the threat who was being rude and disorderly. Both parties were given CRN cards.

• An officer was called about a disorderly person. Several females were yelling and arguing. One of them said that they had all been put out of a club for fighting. Two of the women involved had been following her in their car. She pulled into a gas station because she felt that if she stopped at a light, they would have tried to fight her again. The women who had been following her said they were trying to get her tag number because they hadn’t received a report at the club. A CRN was given.

• A man called police to report that he had received several threatening messages on his cell phone the night before. Between 11:11 and 11:13 p.m. the complainant received three messages, each of which was left by the same voice. The unknown male called from a blocked number and threatened that he would come and cut him, and that “me and my homie gonna shoot up your place.” The man who reported the threats said he doesn’t know who would want to hurt him or his family. An extra patrol was placed on the home, and he was given a CRN card.  cs