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Unlawful waffle
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POLICE WERE called to the King George Boulevard Waffle House on a complaint of a drunken man who’d become disorderly.

The cashier said the man began arguing with her over his change. She said the man had used foul language and “given her the bird.”

When the man was asked what he wanted to order, he threw a glass of milk all over the cash register. He was banned from the store, and agreed to go home.

The suspect asked the officer if he could go buy a pack of cigarettes but was told no, that he couldn’t go anywhere but home to sober up. The officer left to report to another call, but was called back to the Waffle House later because the suspect had refused to leave.

When the officer arrived, the man was sitting in back of the restaurant, near a service station. He was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and obstruction.

• An officer was dispatched to an apartment on East 35th Street because of a battery. The man who lives in the apartment told the officer that he was sitting in his living room when someone knocked at the door.

The man answered the door, and saw his ex-girlfriend’s son standing there. The son said, “You hit my mom” and hit the man, who fell down.

While the man was on the floor, the suspect hit him a few more times. As he left, he told the man, “I’m coming back with a gun.”

Earlier, the officer had been called to the area on a report of a man beating a woman, but it was unfounded. The man had a large knot above his left eye, which was bleeding.

• A woman called police and reported that her backpack, containing work clothing, work ID, glasses and two pairs of sneakers, was missing from her apartment on Grove Point Road. When she looked, the woman noticed that the screen had been removed from her bedroom window and someone had unlocked the window.

The officer saw no signs of forced entry on the window or the front door. The woman said she’d been out of town but hadn’t noticed anything out of place when she returned home.

Some objects in the bedroom had been moved slightly, but there was no noticeable disarray. The woman’s work clothes were taken, but a flat-screen television, laptop, stereo and several pairs of brand-name shoes had been left behind.

• A mother and daughter who reside in an apartment on Kline Street told police that a maintenance worker has been harassing them. They said the man has accused them of breaking a washing machine in the community laundry room, and that he had threatened to take their clothes out of a dryer and throw them out.

They said the man tries to tell them how to live and who can visit their apartment, even though he is an employee and not the property manager.

The man told police that he had explained the laundry room rules to the women. He said he was concerned because they were letting “outsiders” use the laundry room.

All three were advised to take their concerns to the property manager.

• An Ogeechee Road woman was the apparent victim of a flim flam. The woman told police she was approached by two elderly men who told her they had found a bag with “lots” of money. The men said the money was all in small bills, and they needed some money up front until they could get the money in the bag sorted out.

The woman took $540 out of her mother’s account and gave the money to the men. They told her to meet them “around the corner” after she waited a few minutes.

The woman waited a while, then went around the corner. The men were gone -- and so was the money. cs

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